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Finite dimensional modules over quantum toroidal algebras

On the bosonization of the super Jordan plane

Simple Module sentence examples within Three Simple Module

Classification of some vertex operator algebras of rank 3

Flood risk mapping for direct damage to residential buildings in Quebec, Canada

Blocks with Cyclic Defect Groups

A geometric $q$-character formula for snake modules.

Finite-dimensional Nichols algebras over dual Radford algebras

Idempotent reduction for the finitistic dimension conjecture

Representations for three-point Lie algebras of genus zero

Representations of Groups of Lie Type

On tensor products of complete resolutions

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Graded modules over simple Lie algebras

Counting submodules of a module over a noetherian commutative ring

On the classification of higher Auslander algebras for Nakayama algebras

Indecomposable manipulations with simple modules in category $\mathcal{O}$

Gluing support {\tau}-tilting modules over {\tau}-tilting finite algebras

On character formulas for simple and tilting modules.

A note on vertices of indecomposable tensor products

On S-prime submodules

Integrable sl ( ∞ ) -modules and category O for gl ( m | n )

Nonsplit module extensions over the one-sided inverse of k[x]

Submodule structure of some Weyl modules and the cohomology for

On matched pairs defining Hopf algebras in a certain class

Towards Improving Neural Named Entity Recognition with Gazetteers

On non-weight representations of the N = 2 superconformal algebras

Testing Macdonald Index as a Refined Character of Chiral Algebra

Combinatorial construction of Gelfand–Tsetlin modules for gln

Simple Singular Whittaker Modules Over the Schrödinger Algebra

Twisted modules and $G$-equivariantization in logarithmic conformal field theory.

On radicals of graded ring constructions

Tilting modules for classical Lie superalgebras.

Convolution products and R-matrices for type B quiver Hecke algebras

Prime virtually semisimple modules and rings

Abelian Endoregular Modules

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Basic building blocks of system structure and behavior

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Simple Module 단순 모듈

Simple Module 단순 모듈
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