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Gamma spectrometry analysis of radioiodine in charcoal from high volume aerosol samples.

Preparation of composites based in poly(3-hexylthiophene) and freeze-dried cellulose nanocrystals by a simple method, and their characterization

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Synthesis of the SWCNTS/TiO2 Nanostructure and Its Effect on the Thermal, Optical, and Conductivity Properties of the CMC/PEO as Application of Low Energy Density Devices

Synthesis of the SWCNTs/TiO2 nanostructure and its effect study on the thermal, optical, and conductivity properties of the CMC/PEO blend

Simple Mixing sentence examples within simple mixing proces

Climatic and anthropogenic driving forces of the nitrogen cycling in a subtropical river basin.

Reversible thermochromic polydiacetylene/zinc-aluminium layered double hydroxides nanocomposites for smart paints and colorimetric sensors: The crucial role of zinc ions

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Generating Electricity from Natural Evaporation Using PVDF Thin Films Incorporating Nanocomposite Materials

Yeast Shells Encapsulating Adjuvant AS04 as an Antigen Delivery System for a Novel Vaccine against Toxoplasma Gondii.

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Development of Photosensitive Natural Rubber as a Mechanical Modifier for Ultraviolet-Curable Resin Applied in Digital Light Processing-Based Three-Dimensional Printing Technology

Seamless control of the electrical property of carbon nanotube buckypapers by a simple mixing approach

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Hygroscopic growth of simulated lung fluid aerosol particles under ambient environmental conditions.

One-parameter friction theory viscosity model for the cubic-plus-chain equation of state

Design, Development and Evaluation of Silk Based Film Forming Spray for Wound Healing

Magnetic graphene, synthesis, and applications: A review

Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Sustainable Synthesis of Gold Sol Displaying Dichroic Effect

Synthesis of color-responsive polydiacetylene assemblies and polydiacetylene/zinc(II) ion/zinc oxide nanocomposites in water, toluene and mixed solvents: Toward large-scale production

The key role of the drug self-aggregation ability to obtain optimal nanocarriers based on aromatic-aromatic drug-polymer interactions.

A versatile approach for shape-controlled synthesis of ultrathin perovskite nanostructures.

Amine-Iodine Adducts as Simple but Effective Catalysts for the Synthesis of Organic Carbonates from Epoxides and CO2

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Influence of hydrophilic nanosilica premixing method on the property of isocyanate-based polymer modified bitumen

Radial porous SiO2 nanoflowers potentiate the effect of antigen/adjuvant in antitumor immunotherapy

Determining the role of the method used to recycle polypropylene waste materials from automotive industry using sepiolite and zeolite fillers

Green Procedure for Aerobic Oxidation of Benzylic Alcohols with Palladium Supported on Iota-Carrageenan in Ethanol

Application of CO2-Switchable Oleic-Acid-Based Surfactant for Reducing Viscosity of Heavy Oil

Multi-functional 2D hybrid aerogels for gas absorption applications

Metasomatism of the off-cratonic lithospheric mantle beneath Hangay Dome, Mongolia: Constraints from trace-element modelling of lherzolite xenoliths

Crystalline assembly of metal-organic polyhedra driven by ionic interactions with polyoxometalates.

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Biocompatible therapeutic albumin/genipin bioglue for postoperative wound adhesion and residual tumor ablation.

Structure Formation of Cu–W Pseudo Alloys Upon Various Methods of Their Production

Infiltration of Proteins in Cholesteric Cellulose Structures

Facile fabrication of MoP nanodots embedded in porous carbon as excellent anode material for potassium-ion batteries

Ventilation rate assessment by carbon dioxide levels in dental treatment rooms

Controlled synthesis of ultrasmall RuP2 particles on N,P-codoped carbon as superior pH-wide electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution

Imidazole Promoted Efficient Anomerization of β-D-Glucose Pentaacetate in Solid State and Reaction Mechanism

Ventilation Assessment by Carbon Dioxide Levels in Dental Treatment Rooms

Development of an in-situ forming, self-healing scaffold for dermal wound healing: in-vitro and in-vivo studies.

Is a simple model based on two mixing reservoirs able to reproduce the intra-annual dynamics of DOC and NO3 stream concentrations in an agricultural headwater catchment?

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Anomalous Si-based composite anode design by densification and coating strategies for practical applications in Li-ion batteries

Synthesis, Characterization and Enhanced visible light induced photocatalytic activity of NiO/g-C3N4 nanocomposite

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Flexible dielectric nanocomposite films based on chitin/boron nitride/copper calcium titanate with high energy density

The Osteogenic Function of Danggui Buxue Tang, a Herbal Decoction Containing Astragali Radix and Angelicae Sinensis Radix, Is Optimized by Boiling the Two Herbs Together: Signaling Analyses Revealed by Systems Biology

Synthesis of Azaylide-Based Amphiphiles by Staudinger Reaction.

A time saving ZnO nanoparticle fabrication approach for bulk photocatalytic applications

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Synthesis of Carbon Nitride Intercalation Compound Composite and Study of Visible Light-Induced Photocatalytic Performance

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Simple Mixing 간단한 믹싱

Simple Mixing 간단한 믹싱
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