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Effective Use of Transformer Networks for Entity Tracking

Selectivity Estimation for Range Predicates using Lightweight Models

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Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Relation Extraction without Supervision

HABLex: Human Annotated Bilingual Lexicons for Experiments in Machine Translation

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Illuminant estimation error detection for outdoor scenes using transformers

Comparative assessment of methods for short-term forecasts of COVID-19 admissions in England at the local level

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The Pitfalls of Sample Selection: A Case Study on Lung Nodule Classification

SHREC 2021: Skeleton-based hand gesture recognition in the wild

Simple Baseline sentence examples within simple baseline approach

Combining evolutionary and assay-labelled data for protein fitness prediction

Generalized Few-Shot Video Classification with Video Retrieval and Feature Generation.

Simple Baseline sentence examples within simple baseline algorithm

Improving Cache Performance for Large-Scale Photo Stores via Heuristic Prefetching Scheme

Surrogate-assisted multiobjective optimization based on decomposition: a comprehensive comparative analysis

Quantifying News Narratives to Predict Movements in Market Risk

Olá, Bonjour, Salve! XFORMAL: A Benchmark for Multilingual Formality Style Transfer

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A Reinforcement Learning Environment for Multi-Service UAV-enabled Wireless Systems

A Neural Few-Shot Text Classification Reality Check

UserReg: A Simple but Strong Model for Rating Prediction

The SWAG solution for probabilistic predictions with a single neural network

Local Search is a Remarkably Strong Baseline for Neural Architecture Search

SpatialSense: An Adversarially Crowdsourced Benchmark for Spatial Relation Recognition

SUN-Spot: An RGB-D Dataset With Spatial Referring Expressions

Sampling Bias in Deep Active Classification: An Empirical Study

Improve Image Classification by Convolutional Network on Cambricon

Panoptic Feature Pyramid Networks

Hinode: implementing a vertex-centric modelling approach to maintaining historical graph data

Numbers Normalisation in the Inflected Languages: a Case Study of Polish

A Simple Baseline for Audio-Visual Scene-Aware Dialog

Predicting Suicide Risk from Online Postings in Reddit The UGent-IDLab submission to the CLPysch 2019 Shared Task A

SynthRel0: Towards a Diagnostic Dataset for Relational Representation Learning

Opportunities and challenges for transcriptome-wide association studies

A Machine Learning-Based Approach for Demarcating Requirements in Textual Specifications

Scene Text Detection Via Cascade FPN and Channel Enhancement

Modular Autonomous Taxiing Simulation and 3D Siamese Vehicle Tracking

The Effectiveness of Multitask Learning for Phenotyping with Electronic Health Records Data

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Simple Baseline 단순 기준선

Simple Baseline 단순 기준선
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