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Simple Algorithms sentence examples within geometric intersection number

Computing the Geometric Intersection Number of Curves

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Two Simple Algorithms

Calculating Characteristic Roots of Multi-Delayed Systems with Accumulation Points via a Definite Integral Method

Tree-Based Hardware Recursion for Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Relatively Simple Algorithms

Rapid Implementation and Demonstration of Radio Applications Using WISCANet

Failures of stereoscopic shape constancy over changes of viewing distance and size for bilaterally symmetric polyhedra

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Three Simple Algorithms

Towards a more efficient approach for the satisfiability of two-variable logic

Local Fast Rerouting with Low Congestion: A Randomized Approach

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Propose Simple Algorithms

Isolation Number versus Domination Number of Trees

Simple computation of st-edge- and st-numberings from ear decompositions

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Extremely Simple Algorithms

Dual Randomized Coordinate Descent Method for Solving a Class of Nonconvex Problems

A Modular Multilevel Converter with Self Voltage Balancing

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Present Simple Algorithms

Revisiting separation: Algorithms and complexity

Eventual Consensus: Applications to Storage and Blockchain : (Extended Abstract)

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Computationally Simple Algorithms

Computational Mechanisms for Exploiting Temporal Redundancies Supporting Multichannel EEG Compression

Compression Methods for Microclimate Data Based on Linear Approximation of Sensor Data

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Conclusion Simple Algorithms

Validity of Simple Algorithms to Identify Recurrence of Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Two Danish Nationwide Registries

Comparison of Several Algorithms to Estimate Activity Counts with Smartphones as an Indication of Physical Activity Level

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Comparably Simple Algorithms

Empirical analysis of session-based recommendation algorithms

Empirical Analysis of Session-Based Recommendation Algorithms

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Yield Simple Algorithms

Nonlinear Diffusion for Community Detection and Semi-Supervised Learning

Bayesian Generalized Horseshoe Estimation of Generalized Linear Models

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Several Simple Algorithms

A Dynamic Analysis Of The Impact Of Air Pollution On The daylight Availability In An Open-plan Office In London

Change detection using Landsat and Worldview images

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within Following Simple Algorithms

Clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of atopic dermatitis.

Strategic interactions between humans and artificial intelligence: Lessons from experiments with computer players

Simple Algorithms sentence examples within simple algorithms involving

Nonlinear Diffusion for Community Detection and Semi-Supervised Learning

Noise rejection and partial discharge source identification in insulation system under DC voltage supply

Nephelometer Sensitivities for the Determination of PM2.5 Mass Concentration in Ambient and Indoor Air

Automatic Indoor Scene Recognition Based on Mandatory and Desirable Objects and a Simple Coding Scheme

FPGA prototyping of synchronized chaotic map for UAV secure communication

A Structural Solution to Mitigating Artificial Intelligence Bias in Administrative Agencies

Facial Recognition System Using DWT, DCT, and Multilayer Sigmoid Neural Network Classifier

Analysis of the volatile compounds’ condensate exhaled air “electronic nose” based on piezoelectric sensor to assess the status of calves

Best play in Dots and Boxes endgames

Pooled testing to isolate infected individuals

Multidisciplinary Management of the Adverse Effects of Apremilast

An Infrared Touch System for Automatic Behavior Monitoring

Words high-frequency drying processes simulation of wooden tangent towers in a vacuum chamber


Smart Phone Camera based Weighing Scale for Kitchens in Household Applications

Data Collection in UAV-Assisted Wireless Sensor Networks Powered by Harvested Energy

Allocation scheduling leads to optimum utilization of operation theater time

On odd integers and their couples of divisors

Gleaning Insight from Antitrust Cases Using Machine Learning

Fine-Grained Reductions from Approximate Counting to Decision

Necessary and Sufficient Girth Conditions for Tanner Graphs of Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes

Foldings of Periodic Nonuniform Samplings

Novel Electronic Logistic Coding Using Software-Defined Multiplexing Codes

WaterbalANce, a WebApp for Thornthwaite–Mather Water Balance Computation: Comparison of Applications in Two European Watersheds

Matching Intensity for Image Visibility Graphs: A New Method to Extract Image Features

Client-side Cryptography Based Security for Cloud Computing System

A geocellular modelling workflow for partially dolomitized remobilized carbonates: An example from the Hammam Faraun Fault block, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Multi-Physical Parameter Cross-Sectional Imaging of Quantitative Phase and Fluorescence by Integrated Multimodal Microscopy


Lower Bounds on the Runtime of Crossover-Based Algorithms via Decoupling and Family Graphs

Fractal geometry and design of modern structures

Simple Concurrent Labeling Algorithms for Connected Components

Review on Multi-Objectives Optimization Methods in Hybrid Power Generation

Series solutions for the Laguerre and Lane-Emden fractional differential equations in the sense of conformable fractional derivative

Investigation of fiber maturity measurement by cross-sectional image analysis and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy on developing and developed upland cottons

Dynamic Synthesis of a Crank-Rocker Mechanism Minimizing its Joint-Forces

Evaluating data parallelism in C++ using the Parallel Research Kernels

Reliable Broadcast in Networks with Trusted Nodes

Sound learning–based event detection for acoustic surveillance sensors

Modeling FACTS Device Impact on Voltage Flicker in the Electric Arc Furnace Supply System