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GCNet: Non-Local Networks Meet Squeeze-Excitation Networks and Beyond

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Adsorptive desulfurization of liquid hydrocarbons using zeolite-based sorbents: a comprehensive review

Wideband polarized radio emission from the newly revived magnetar XTE J1810$-$197

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Formation mechanism and thermoelectric properties of CaMnO3 thin films synthesized by annealing of Ca0.5Mn0.5O films

Epithelial sealing effectiveness against titanium or zirconia implants surface.

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Joint Event Extraction Based on Hierarchical Event Schemas From FrameNet

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Long non‐coding subgenomic flavivirus RNAs have extended 3D structures and are flexible in solution

Structure of the Fanconi anemia monoubiquitin ligase complex

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Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis of PERMA for Indonesian Students in Mathematics Education Programmes

Chloroplast genome of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Malvaceae): Comparative analyses and identification of mutational hotspots.

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Preparation of a 1:1.5 cocrystal of kaempferol with 4,4′-bipyridine based on analyzing intermolecular interaction of building units

Fractional two-parameter parabolic diffraction-free beams

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A Chrono-Colorimetric Sensor Array for Differentiation of Catechins Based on Silver Nitrate-Induced Metallization of Gold Nanoparticles at Different Reaction Time Intervals

A Comparative Study of a Class of Mean Field Theories of the Glass Transition

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Characterization of biochars derived from different materials and their effects on microbial dechlorination of pentachlorophenol in a consortium

The NompC channel regulates Nilaparvata lugens proprioception and gentle-touch response.

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A linear system for pipe flow stability analysis allowing for boundary condition modifications

A Topic Augmented Text Generation Model: Joint Learning of Semantics and Structural Features

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Invasive Fungal Carotiditis: A Rare Manifestation of Cranial Invasive Fungal Disease: Case Series and Systematic Review of the Literature

Dolor psíquico: una mirada a su condición actual

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A Theoretical Framework Explaining Chinese Cultural Contributions to Psychological Disorders

A Ferromagnetically Coupled, Bell-Shaped [Ni4Gd5] Cage.

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Synthesis of phthalocyanines having thio-alkyl substituents at non-peripheral positions and their photochemical and photophysical properties

High performance fluorescence biosensing of cysteine in human serum with superior specificity based on carbon dots and cobalt-derived recognition

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The study of thermal conductivity of asbestos cardboard and fire clay powder to assess the possibility of their application in prefabricated structures of cylindrical housings of pressure vessels

Area–Delay–Energy Efficient VLSI Architecture for Scalable In-Place Computation of FFT on Real Data

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Form and function of tentacles in pteriomorphian bivalves

How to make new discoveries in (human) anatomy

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Adaptive Sparse Representation for Kronecker Compressive Sensing

Tensor Completion via Nonlocal Low-Rank Regularization

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Synthesis, crystal structure and antibacterial activity of manganese(III) and cobalt(III) complexes containing pentadentate Schiff bases of a common amine and thiocyanate

Particle packing in bimodal size carbon black mixtures and its effect on the properties of styrene-butadiene rubber compounds

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High thermally stable thermosetting polyimides derived from a carborane-containing tetramine

Stimuli-Responsive Hybrid Polymer for Enhanced Solid-Liquid Separation of Industrial Effluents.

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Spatiotemporal signal propagation in complex networks

Structure of amyloid-β (20-34) with Alzheimer’s-associated isomerization at Asp23 reveals a distinct protofilament interface

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Image Enhancement of Transformer Oil Images Using Improved Complex Shock Filter

A Very Deep Spatial Transformer Towards Robust Single Image Super-Resolution

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Comprehensive Investigation on Metabolites of Wild-Simulated American Ginseng Root Based on Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry.

Modeling and Calculation of Thermochemical Characteristics of Crystalline Vanadium Oxides under Standard Conditions

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Full Resolution Dense Depth Recovery by Fusing RGB Images and Sparse Depth*

Extended interval type-II and kernel based sparse representation method for face recognition

Development of a New Monoclonal Antibody by More Active Enramycin A and Indirect Competitive ELISA for the Detection of Enramycin in Edible Animal Tissues

Devletin Kurucu Unsurları Bağlamında Kıbrıs Meselesi

From little string free energies towards modular graph functions

Lesion location impact on functional recovery of the hemiparetic upper limb

Experimental study and modelling of abrasive water jet cutting of aluminum alloy 2024

Special issue: Nucleoside antibiotics, polyoxin and beyond

Exploiting singlet excited state conformation for rational design of highly efficient photoinduced electron transfer molecules.

Sorption mechanisms of lead on silicon-rich biochar in aqueous solution: Spectroscopic investigation.

A metal-nano GO frameworks/PPS membrane with super water flux and high dyes interception

Specific Features of the Magnetoelectric Effect in Permendur–Quartz–Permendur Structures in the Region of Electromechanical Resonance

Redox‐responsive prodrug‐like PEGylated macrophotosensitizer nanoparticles for enhanced near‐infrared imaging‐guided photodynamic therapy

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A novel method to detect the liquid level based on the FBG sensor Part I: The structure design and performance analysis

An atom probe analysis of self-assembled monolayers: A novel approach to investigate mixed and unmixed self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on gold

A Comparative Analysis of the Structure of the Tectonosphere of the Conrad and Afanasy Nikitin Rises (Indian Ocean) Using Geophysical Data

A Wedge Mechanism for Summer Surface Water Inflow Into the Ross Ice Shelf Cavity

Quantification of eight bisphenol analogues in blood and urine samples of workers in a hazardous waste incinerator.

Compound kills chemotherapy-resistant glioblastoma cells

Walking Assist Robot: A Novel Non-Contact Abnormal Gait Recognition Approach Based on Extended Set Membership Filter