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In-silico trial of intracranial flow diverters replicates and expands insights from conventional clinical trials

A porous circulation model of the human brain for in silico clinical trials in ischaemic stroke: A human brain model for ischaemic stroke

The case for AI-driven cancer clinical trials - The efficacy arm in silico.


Exploring the Power and Promise of In Silico Clinical Trials with Application in COVID-19 Infection

Possible Contexts of Use for In Silico Trials Methodologies: A Consensus-Based Review

In silico cancer immunotherapy trials uncover the consequences of therapy-specific response patterns for clinical trial design and outcome

In silico trials for treatment of acute ischemic stroke: Design and implementation

The COVID-19 vaccine development: A pandemic paradigm

Review of applications and challenges of quantitative systems pharmacology modeling and machine learning for heart failure.

How to Validate in silico Deployment of Coronary Stents: Strategies and Limitations in the Choice of Comparator

Clinically-Driven Virtual Patient Cohorts Generation: An Application to Aorta

CARTmath—A Mathematical Model of CAR-T Immunotherapy in Preclinical Studies of Hematological Cancers

Efficient Closed Loop Simulation of Do-It-Yourself Artificial Pancreas Systems.

Modeling-Based Decision Support System for Radical Prostatectomy Versus External Beam Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer Incorporating an In Silico Clinical Trial and a Cost–Utility Study

CARTmath - A Mathematical Model of CAR-T Immunotherapy in Preclinical Models

Is modeling stents still an important issue

Sliding mode controller-observer pair for p53 pathway.

A Focus on Replacement

Unlocking the power of translational medicine

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Silico Trials 실리코 트라이얼

Silico Trials 실리코 트라이얼
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