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The multicellular incoherent feedforward loop motif generates spatial patterns

The multicellular incoherent feedforward loop motif generates spatial patterns

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PML Differentially Regulates Growth and Invasion in Brain Cancer

Hydrogenotrophic methanogens of the mammalian gut: Functionally similar, thermodynamically different—A modelling approach

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Key interactions with deazariboflavin cofactor for light-driven energy transfer in Xenopus (6-4) photolyase.

A novel in vivo predictive dissolution testing coupled with a modeling and simulation for hydrogel matrix monolithic extended release oral dosage forms.

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Embryo-toxicity of docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids: In vivo and in silico investigations using the chick embryo model.

Design, cyclization, and optimization of MMP13-TIMP1 interaction-derived self-inhibitory peptides against chondrocyte senescence in osteoarthritis.

Plasticity and Enzymatic Degradation Coupled with Volumetric Growth in Pulmonary Hypertension Progression.

Mutation Maker, An Open Source Oligo Design Platform for Protein Engineering.

Simulation-Based Estimation of the Number of Cameras Required for 3D Reconstruction in a Narrow-Baseline Multi-Camera Setup

Structural and theoretical analysis, molecular docking/dynamics investigation of 3-(1-m-chloridoethylidene)-chromane-2,4‑dione: The role of chlorine atom

A mathematical framework for modelling 3D cell motility: applications to glioblastoma cell migration.

Slow Protein Turnover Explains Limited Protein-Level Response to Diurnal Transcriptional Oscillations in Cyanobacteria

Retinal organoids on-a-chip: a micro-millifluidic bioreactor for long-term organoid maintenance.

Antibiotic pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling: MIC, Pharmacodynamic indices, and beyond.

The status of causality in biological databases: data resources and data retrieval possibilities to support logical modeling

Radiation-Induced Lymphopenia Risks of Photon Versus Proton Therapy for Esophageal Cancer Patients

Discovery of Novel Inhibitors for the Human Papillomavirus E6 Protein

In Vitro-In Silico Tools for Streamlined Development of Acalabrutinib Amorphous Solid Dispersion Tablets

Design and implementation of multiplexed amplicon sequencing panels to serve genomic epidemiology of infectious disease: a malaria case study

The importance of non-pharmaceutical interventions during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Embelin-loaded chitosan gold nanoparticles interact synergistically with ciprofloxacin by inhibiting efflux pumps in multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli.

Analysis of the response of human iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte tissue to ICaL block. A combined in vitro and in silico approach

The PyInteraph Workflow for the Study of Interaction Networks From Protein Structural Ensembles.

Nanorobots-Assisted Natural Computation for Multifocal Tumor Sensitization and Targeting

RRY Inhibits Amyloid-β1–42 Peptide Aggregation and Neurotoxicity

Synthesis, molecular modeling and preliminary anticancer evaluation of 2-ferrocenylbenzimidazole metallofragments

Modeling oxidised polypyrrole in the condensed phase with a novel force field.

A Model-Free Approach to Automatic Dose Guidance in Long Acting Insulin Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

Structural insights in galectin-1-glycan recognition: Relevance of the glycosidic linkage and the N-acetylation pattern of sugar moieties.

Parametric analysis for the design of hip joint replacement simulators

The influence of hydrogen ions on coagulation in traumatic brain injury, explored by molecular dynamics

Quantitation of Commercially Available API Solid Forms by Application of the NMR-qSRC Approach: An Optimization Strategy Based on In Silico Simulations.

Cryptic Sites in Tau Fibrils Explain the Preferential Binding of the AV-1451 PET Tracer toward Alzheimer’s Tauopathy

Pharmacokinetics, metabolism and off-target effects in the rat of 8-[(1H- benzotriazol-1-yl)amino]octanoic acid, a selective inhibitor of human cytochrome P450 4Z1: β-oxidation as a potential augmenting pathway for inhibition

In Vivo Assessment of the Safety of Standard Fractionation Temporally Feathered Radiation Therapy (TFRT) for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: An R-IDEAL Stage 1/2a First-in-Humans/Feasibility Demonstration of New Technology Implementation.

The N terminus of myosin-binding protein C extends toward actin filaments in intact cardiac muscle

Pathway analysis in metabolomics: pitfalls and best practice for the use of over-representation analysis

Atrial Flutter Mechanism Detection Using Directed Network Mapping

Intrafibrillar mineralization deficiency and osteogenesis imperfecta mouse bone fragility.

Integrative computational approach identifies drug targets in CD4+ T-cell-mediated immune disorders

Abstract 401: Comparison of molecular response calculations for prediction of patient outcome

Numerical Simulations of Light Scattering in Soft Anisotropic Fibrous Structures and Validation of a Novel Optical Setup from Fibrous Media Characterization

Measurement and minimisation of the Mapping Entropy of a Coarse-Grained biomolecular system

Contamination detection in sequencing studies using the mitochondrial phylogeny.

A novel framework for evaluating in-situ breeding management strategies in endangered populations.

An intermediate effect size variant in UMOD confers risk for chronic kidney disease

Optical computation of the spin glass dynamics

Genetic modification of Gossypium arboreum universal stress protein (GUSP1) improves drought tolerance in transgenic cotton (Gossypium hirsutum).

Reaching Deeper: Absolute In Vivo Thermal Reading of Liver by Combining Superbright Ag2S Nanothermometers and In Silico Simulations

Automated Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks Using Explicit Regulatory Modules.

Genome-Scale Metabolic Reconstruction of Acetobacter pasteurianus 386B, a Candidate Functional Starter Culture for Cocoa Bean Fermentation

The Unexpected Absence of Nickel Effects on a Daphnia Population at 3 Temperatures is Correctly Predicted by a Dynamic Energy Budget Individual-Based Model.

Simulation-based comprehensive study of batch effects in metabolomics studies

A mathematical model of combined CD8 T cell costimulation by 4-1BB (CD137) and OX40 (CD134) receptors

A Methylation Density Binary Classifier for Predicting and Optimizing the Performance of Methylation Biomarkers in Clinical Samples

A Physiologically‐Based Pharmacokinetic Model for Targeting Calcitriol‐Conjugated Quantum Dots to Inflammatory Breast Cancer Cells

Rho-kinase planar polarisation at tissue boundaries depends on phospho-regulation of membrane residence time

Abstract 4746: Identifying states of collateral sensitivity during the evolution of therapy resistance in Ewing’s sarcoma

Asymptotic Behavior of the Direction-Averaged Diffusion-Weighted MRI Signal using Different B-Tensor Encoding Schemes

A combined experimental-computational approach for spatial protection efficacy assessment of controlled release devices against mosquitoes (Anopheles)

Direction-Averaged Diffusion-Weighted MRI Signal using different Axisymmetric B-tensor Encoding Schemes “Submitted to Magnetic Resonance in Medicine”

Silver nanoparticle uptake in the human lung assessed through in-vitro and in-silico methods.

Enzymatic release of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors (gliptins) from pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) nutrient reservoir proteins: In silico and in vitro assessments.

Rho-Kinase Planar Polarization at Tissue Boundaries Depends on Phospho-regulation of Membrane Residence Time

Optimizing panel-based tumor mutational burden (TMB) measurement.

Ventricular Flow Field Visualization During Mechanical Circulatory Support in the Assisted Isolated Beating Heart

Low Mutational Load Allows for High Mutation Rate Variation in Gut Commensal Bacteria