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The split heterogeneous vehicle routing problem with three-dimensional loading constraints on a large scale

GraphIPS: Calibration-Free and Map-Free Indoor Positioning Using Smartphone Crowdsourced Data

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Augmenting high-dimensional nonlinear optimization with conditional GANs

Lagrangian Relaxation-Based Time-Division Multiplexing Optimization for Multi-FPGA Systems

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Coupled matrix–matrix and coupled tensor–matrix completion methods for predicting drug–target interactions

Joint power-efficient traffic shaping and service provisioning for metro elastic optical networks

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A Mini-review on Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography

A framework for parameter estimation using sharp-interface seawater intrusion models

Development and Validation of RP-UPLC Method for 2,6-Dimethylaniline, Its Isomers, and Related Compounds Using Design of Experiments

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Two Parallel Sorting Algorithms for Massive Data

QCT-FE modeling of the proximal tibia: Effect of mapping strategy on convergence time and model accuracy.

Active Cloaking with an Incident-Field Estimation Algorithm

Aerodynamic Investigation of Morphing Wing UAV with Adjustable Slotted Airfoil Configuration


Female Outperformance in Voluntary Running Persists in Dystrophin-Null and Klotho-Overexpressing Mice.

Pin-on-disc study of dry sliding behavior of Co-free HVOF-coated disc tested against different friction materials

Quantification of furan and 5 alkylfurans with complete separation of 2-ethylfuran and 2,5-dimethylfuran isomers in cereals, coffee and Infant products by GC-MS.

Can active follow-ups and carrots make eco-driving stick? Findings from a controlled experiment among truck drivers in Norway

Research on Precipitation Forecast Based on LSTM–CP Combined Model

Reduced mood variability is associated with enhanced performance during ultrarunnning

A Dynamic Tree Algorithm for Peer-to-Peer Ride-sharing Matching

Oxidative degradation profile studies of Tavaborole by a validated stability indicating RP-UPLC method: Isolation and characterization of novel degradant using 2D-NMR and HRMS.

Monitoring and Smart Decision Architecture for DRONE-FOG Integrated Environment

A Modified Algorithm for Training and Optimize RBF Neural Networks Applied to Sensor Measurements Validation

Benchmarking Tabu Search and Simulated Annealing for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

Empirical α–β runout modelling of snow avalanches in the Catalan Pyrenees

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Developing Convective Mass Transfer of Nanofluids in Fully Developed Flow Regimes in a Circular Tube: Modeling using Fuzzy Inference System and ANFIS

Efficient Allocation for Downlink Multi-Channel NOMA Systems Considering Complex Constraints

Under the Hood of the Ethereum Gossip Protocol

Factoring 2048-bit RSA Integers in 177 Days with 13 436 Qubits and a Multimode Memory.

Circulating miRNAs as Promising Biomarkers to Evaluate ECMO Treatment Responses in ARDS Patients

Neural Network Algorithm-Based Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Evaluation in the Diagnosis of Fetal Spina Bifida

Influence of gamma irradiation-induced surface oxidation on tribological property of polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

Improved Norfloxacin degradation by urea precipitation Ti/SnO2–Sb anode under photo-electro catalysis and kinetics investigation by BP-neural-network-physical modeling

Polyp Detection in CT Colonography based on Online Learning

A two-stage hybrid ant colony optimization for high-dimensional feature selection

A Comparison of Genetic Representations and Initialisation Methods for the Multi-objective Shortest Path Problem on Multigraphs

Case-Based Reasoning for Personalized Recommender on User Preference through Dynamic Clustering

An Exact Algorithm for Large-Scale Continuous Nonlinear Resource Allocation Problems with Minimax Regret Objectives

Boosting High-Level Vision with Joint Compression Artifacts Reduction and Super-Resolution

An Adaptive Flare Scheme for Autonomous Landing of a Fixed-Wing UAV

A single analytical method for the determination of 53 legacy and emerging per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in aqueous matrices

Estimation of Underwater Acoustic MIMO-OFDM Channel Based on Compressed Sensing

The disruption at Rastatt and its effects on the Swiss railway system

sRAKI-RNN: accelerated MRI with scan-specific recurrent neural networks using densely connected blocks

Enterprises Performance Prediction Model Based on Improved Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm : Taking Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises in China for Example

A Square-Root-Based Memory Polynomial Model for Concurrent Dual-Band Digital Predistortion

Optimization-Based, Simplified Stereo Visual-Inertial Odometry With High-Accuracy Initialization

Multi-Antenna Channel Interpolation via Tucker Decomposed Extreme Learning Machine

Fuzzy Modularity Based Louvain Algorithm For Overlapping Community Detection

Numerical Analysis, Circuit Simulation, and Control Synchronization of Fractional-Order Unified Chaotic System

An Improved Restoration Algorithm for Blurred Images Based on Complete Blind Convolution and Non-local Means Filtering

A hybrid deterministic–stochastic model for spouted beds

The bi-objective traveling purchaser problem with deliveries

A newly developed method to extract the optimal hyperspectral feature for monitoring leaf biomass in wheat

Emerging topic detection in twitter stream based on high utility pattern mining

Study of Excitation Characteristics of Traction Machine/Drive Systems

Active Versus Passive Recovery in High-Intensity Intermittent Exercises in Children: An Exploratory Study.

A rapid convergent genetic algorithm for NP-hard problems

The Rearch on Improved LVQ Neural Network Method

Development and validation of a UPLC-UV method for the quantification of thiopurine methyltransferase enzyme activity in human erythrocytes.

Fuzzy Knowledge Inference: Quickly Estimate Evidence via Formula Embedding

TANFOA: An Improved FOA Optimizes MARS in Predicting the Enterprises Performance of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

A maximum algebraic connectivity increment edge-based strategy for capacity enhancement in scale-free networks

Development of a rapid and improved two-dimensional electrophoresis method (i2D-PAGE) for the separation of protein lysate.

Design of Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for Submarine Intelligent Robot

Stock Price Prediction using Technical, Fundamental and News based Approach

Image Compression Algorithms Based on Dual Tree-Complex Wavelet Transform

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Shorter Run 더 짧은 실행

Shorter Run 더 짧은 실행
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