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Energy Efficiency of Slotted LoRaWAN Communication With Out-of-Band Synchronization

General Semi-supervised Possibilistic Fuzzy c-Means clustering for Land-cover Classification

High entropy alloy superconductors -- status, opportunities and challenges

Role of Plasmids in Plant-Bacteria Interactions.

The Long and Winding Road for New Treatments for Acquired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Cognitive Dysfunctions and Assessments in Multiple Sclerosis

BLEVE: The case of water and a historical survey

Textile Contact Dermatitis: How Fabrics Can Induce Dermatitis

How to write a scientific masterpiece: an update for 2019.

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Short Update 짧은 업데이트

Short Update 짧은 업데이트
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