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Short Transient sentence examples within magnetic flux density

FFC NMR Relaxometer with Magnetic Flux Density Control

Short Transient sentence examples within short transient time

Multy-modality Switch Modeling and Simulation of A Three-port DC-DC Converter

High Temperature Oxidation Kinetics of Shot-Peened and Laser-Shock Peened Ti-Beta-21S

Short Transient sentence examples within short transient period

Dynamic simulations of an encapsulated microbubble translating in a tube at low capillary and Reynolds numbers

Analytical solutions for the isobaric evaporation of pure cryogens in storage tanks

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Short Transient sentence examples within short transient signal

Species-specific isotope dilution analysis of monomethylmercury in sediment using GC/ICP-ToF-MS and comparison with ICP-Q-MS and ICP-SF-MS

Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Trace Elements at the Single-Cell Level for Clinical Practice.

Short Transient sentence examples within short transient stage

Effect of minor Nb on isothermal-oxidation and hot corrosion behavior of two Nickel-based superalloys under Na2SO4 / Na2SO4-NaCl

Creep of Cu-Bi Alloys with High Bi Content Near and Above Melting Temperature of Bi

Short Transient sentence examples within short transient simulation

Modeling of ADC-Based Serial Link Receivers With Embedded and Digital Equalization

A Hybrid Methodology for Jitter and Eye Estimation in High-Speed Serial Channels Using Polynomial Chaos Surrogate Models

Short Transient sentence examples within short transient proces

Mathematical Model of Pole-to-ground DC Fault in Power Supply System of Twenty-four-pulse Diode Rectifier

A Fault Location Method for DC Lines Connected With DAB Terminal in Power Electronic Transformer

Evaluation on the Effect of Pressure Transients on Rock Joints in Unlined Hydropower Tunnels Using Numerical Simulation

An Improved Multiphysics Analysis Model for the Short-Circuit Fault Ride-Through Capability Evaluation of the MMC Submodule Busbar

Impact of power converter size on variable speed wind turbines

Particle foraging strategies promote microbial diversity in marine environments

Slow-fast motions induced by multi-stability and strong transient effects in an accelerating viscoelastic beam

The tilt and strainmeter network of NE Italy: multi-decadal observations of crustal deformation as ground truth for DinSAR.

High-Sensitivity Real-Time Tracking System for High-Speed Pipeline Inspection Gauge

Supplemental materials for preprint: A comprehensive climate history of the last 800 thousand years

Full-time dynamics of batch-wise enzymatic cycling system composed of two kinds of dehydrogenase mediated by NAD(P)H for mass production of chiral hydroxyl compounds.

Reconfigurable Partial-Decentralized Control of a Multiphase Converter for Fail-Operational Automotive Processor Power Supply

On-road NOx emissions of a modern commercial light-duty diesel vehicle using a blend of tyre oil and diesel

High resolution mass spectrometry for future space missions: comparative analysis of complex organic matter with LAb-CosmOrbitrap and LDI-FTICR.

Emergent locality in systems with power-law interactions

Analysis of short-circuit transients in the LHC main dipole circuit and development of an automated analysis algorithm

Velocimetry during depressurized conduction cooldown events in the HTTF

Short Transient 짧은 과도

Short Transient 짧은 과도
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