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Application of the green port technology

Design of 6.6kV Shore Power Supply based on Virtual Synchronous Generator Technology

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Smart Control of Battery Energy Storage System in Harbour Area Smart Grid: A Case Study of Vaasa Harbour

A bilevel hybrid economic approach for optimal deployment of onshore power supply in maritime ports

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Control of Offshore Wind Turbines Connected to Diode-Rectifier-Based HVdc Systems

Evolutionary game analysis on behavior strategies of multiple stakeholders in maritime shore power system

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Reducing CO 2 Emissions from Offshore Oil and Gas Production

Two-level planning approach to analyze techno-economic feasibility of hybrid offshore wind-solar pv power plants

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Improving Efficiency in Power Production and Transmission for Offshore Solar Farms using Bifacial Panel Design and HVDC

A Novel Hybrid Renewable Power Platform: A Sustainable Innovation

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A Reliability Evaluation Method for Independent Small Offshore Electric Systems

Simulation Research on Transient Overvoltage of Offshore Wind Farm Transmission System by 220kV Long-distance AC Submarine Cable

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Repurposing of Offshore Oil and Gas Cables for Renewable Generation: Feasibility and Conceptual Qualification

Combined Conduction and Natural Convection Cooling of Offshore Power Cables in Porous Sea Soil

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Development of emission inventory of typical container port based on the real port investigation

Optimization of Shore Power Deployment in Green Ports Considering Government Subsidies

Policy and politics in energy transitions. A case study on shore power in Oslo.

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Cooperative optimization of shore power allocation and berth allocation: A balance between cost and environmental benefit

Shore power vs low sulfur fuel oil: pricing strategies of carriers and port in a transport chain

Ship choice and shore-power service assessment for inland river container shipping networks

Energy Transition in Maritime Transport: Solutions and Costs

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Based on RBF Neural Network Adaptive Sliding Mode Shore Power Grid-connected Control Strategy

Offshore renewable energy resources and their potential in a green hydrogen supply chain through power-to-gas

A very high-resolution assessment and modelling of urban air quality

Frequency Load Control of Seamless Connection with Shore Power for Dual Generators

Abgasausstoß von Hochseeschiffen

Design and Analysis of New Harbour Grid Models to Facilitate Multiple Scenarios of Battery Charging and Onshore Supply for Modern Vessels

Analysis for Shore Power Economy in Preventing Air Pollution of Vessels are Docked at the Berth

Shore Power 쇼어 파워

Shore Power 쇼어 파워
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