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Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Data Mining pada Penjualan Distro Bloods Berbasis Web menggunakan Algoritma Apriori

Designing an Application for Analyzing Consumer Spending Patterns Using the Frequent Pattern Growth Algorithm

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COVID-19 exacerbates unequal food access

Examining disparities in food accessibility among households in Columbus, Ohio: an agent-based model

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Comparing Online and In-Store Grocery Purchases.

Youth Perspectives and Experiences With In-Person and Online Grocery Shopping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Examining the global retail apocalypse during the COVID-19 pandemic using strategic omnichannel management: a consumers’ data privacy and data security perspective

The Food Environments of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in East and Southeast Asia: A Systematic Review

The Performance Of Retailing Mix And Customer Relationship Management For Increasing Customer Value And Corporate Image Of PT. Hanan Boga Rasa Cathering, Snack And Bakery

Food Acquisition and Shopping Patterns in the United States: Characteristics and Relation to BMI in FoodAPS.

Do preferences for private labels respond to supermarket loyalty programs?

Why did all the toilet paper disappear? Distinguishing between panic buying and hoarding during COVID-19

Convergence of IOT in Tourism Industry: A Pragmatic Analysis

Developing a sustainability strategy for Taiwan’s tourism industry after the COVID-19 pandemic

Emergency supplies purchase patterns during COVID-19 outbreak in the developing economy: frequency and stockpiling drivers’ assessment

When drivers become inhibitors of organic consumption: the need for a multistage view

Changes in Consumers’ Purchase Patterns as a Consequence of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Study the Effect of the Quality of Electronic Marketing and its Relationship to Purchasing an Individual

The Environmental Impact of the Advent of Online Grocery Retailing

What Explains Price Declines in Seasonal Goods Markets? An Empirical Examination

The History of Branding Narratives: From Oral Culture to the Digital Age

A community-based strategy for department stores

An Investigation into the Performance of Dutse (Nigeria) as the Growth Centre of Jigawa State

Low Food Security and Diet Quality Among Midwest University Students (P04-051-19).

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Shopping Patterns 쇼핑 패턴

Shopping Patterns 쇼핑 패턴
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