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Tourist purchases in a destination: what leads them to seek information from digital sources?

Assessing the moderating effect of COVID-19 on intention to use smartphones on the tourist shopping journey

Toward a conceptualization of personalized services in apparel e-commerce fulfillment

Multichannel search patterns and webrooming behaviours in the service industries: the case of motor insurance

Not Registered? Please Sign Up First: A Randomized Field Experiment on the Ex Ante Registration Request

The future of digital communication research: Considering dynamics and multimodality

Information-seeking behavior of female doctor shoppers: results from an interview study

Eye tracking technology to audit google analytics: Analysing digital consumer shopping journey in fashion m-retail

Optimal checkout strategies for online retailers

Not Registered? Please Sign-up First: A Randomized Field Experiment on the Ex-Ante Registration Request

Alexa, Can You Help Me Shop?

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Toward Improving Similar Item Recommendation for a C2C Marketplace

Technology adoption for the integration of online–offline purchasing: Omnichannel strategies in the retail environment

Mobile Advertising and Traffic Conversion: The Effects of Front Traffic and Spatial Competition

The examination of virtual reality at the intersection of consumer experience, shopping journey and physical retailing

How Does Consumers’ Omnichannel Shopping Behaviour Translate into Travel and Transport Impacts? Case-Study of a Footwear Retailer in Belgium

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Shopping Journey 쇼핑 여정

Shopping Journey 쇼핑 여정
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