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Shopping Experiences sentence examples within Online Shopping Experiences

Analysis on Marketing Strategies and Consumer Behavior during Online Shopping Carnival in China

E-Commerce Websites, Consumer Order Fulfillment and After-Sales Service Satisfaction: The Customer Is Always Right, even after the Shopping Cart Check-Out!

Shopping Experiences sentence examples within Customer Shopping Experiences

The critical factors shaping customer shopping experiences with innovative technologies

Evaluating AI Chatbot Platforms by a Fuzzy AHP Approach

Shopping Experiences sentence examples within Simulated Shopping Experiences

Placing Antismoking Graphic Warning Posters at Retail Point-of-Sale Locations Increases Some Adolescents’ Susceptibility to Future Smoking

Do graphic health warning labels on cigarette packages deter purchases at point-of-sale? An experiment with adult smokers.

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Channel Differentiation in a Dual-Channel Supply Chain

Heterogeneity in Inflation Expectations and Personal Experience

Relation-aware Meta-learning for E-commerce Market Segment Demand Prediction with Limited Records


Shop-hop till you drop! The effect of the image gap on spillover patronage within retail agglomerations

Mobile wallets: key drivers and deterrents of consumers’ intention to adopt

Power‐average‐operator‐based hybrid multiattribute online product recommendation model for consumer decision‐making

Strategies for the Successful Implementation of Augmented Reality

Accuracy improvements for cold-start recommendation problem using indirect relations in social networks

On Adaptive Fairness in Software Systems

RFID Applications in Retail

Perceived values and motivations influencing m-commerce use: A nine-country comparative study

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Do You See What I See?

Assortment Optimization with Multi-Item Basket Purchase under Multivariate MNL Model

Decision-Making Experiences Of Consumers Choosing Individual-Market Health Insurance Plans.

Sensory Aspects of Retailing: Theoretical and Practical Implications

Experiential Setting Design

The influence and evaluation of commercial building indoor environment on customer satisfaction: Cases from supermarket of northeast China

A Study on the Impact of Shopping Value on Loyalty due to the Activation of Omni-channel Based on Mobile Application by Distribution Companies

ShopEye: fusing RFID and smartwatch for multi-relation excavation in physical stores

Developing a holistic understanding of consumers’ experiences

The Importance of the Service and Shopping Customer Experience in a Retail Environment

The influence of international tourists’ self-image congruity with a shopping place on their shopping experiences

Experiential marketing, social judgements, and customer shopping experience in emerging markets

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Shopping Experiences 쇼핑 경험

Shopping Experiences 쇼핑 경험
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