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Organic versus conventional beetroot. Bioactive compounds and antioxidant properties

P2V-MAP: Mapping Market Structures for Large Retail Assortments

Prominent positioning and food swaps are effective interventions to reduce the saturated fat content of the shopping basket in an experimental online supermarket: a randomized controlled trial

Rancang Bangun Website Penjualan Pada Toko Sixteen Sport

Design and Development of Smart Robot for Butler Services

Alcohol expenditure in grocery stores and their associations with tobacco and food expenditures

Market Basket Analysis Using Apriori and FP Growth Algorithm

Signed Distance-based Deep Memory Recommender

Nimble Limbs - Intelligent attachable legs to create walking robots from variously shaped objects

Consumption patterns in a housing estate : the municipality of Badia del Vallès

Automatic Shopping Basket Technobask

Ecological validity of manual grasping movements in an everyday-like grocery shopping task

aicracy: Everyday Objects from a Future Society Governed by an Artifical Intelligence

Investigation of consumer behaviour at selected market commodity

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Shopping Basket 쇼핑 바구니

Shopping Basket 쇼핑 바구니
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