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Determinants of online shopping addiction among Vietnamese university students


Shopping addiction: A brief review.

Measurement of shopping addiction and its relationship with personality traits and well-being among Polish undergraduate students

Psychological Aspects of Shopping Addiction: Initial Test of a Stress and Coping Model

Managing Problematic Usage of the Internet and Related Disorders in an Era of Diagnostic Transition: An Updated Review

Implementing Big Data Analytics in E-Commerce: Vendor and Customer View

Exploring the Roles of Daily Spiritual Experiences, Self-Efficacy, and Gender in Shopping Addiction: A Moderated Mediation Model

Issues of Gay Community on the Novel of Simon VS the Homo Sapiens Agenda

The Effect of Self-Identity on Online-Shopping Addiction in Undergraduates: Taking Guangdong Province as an Example

Shopping Addiction Is Driven by Personal Focus Rather than Social Focus Values but to the Exclusion of Achievement and Self-Direction

Technostress Effect in Consumer Context: The Negative Effect of Following Social Media Influencers

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Shopping Addiction 쇼핑 중독

Shopping Addiction 쇼핑 중독
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