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Shift Reaction sentence examples within ionic liquid phase

Ultra-low temperature water–gas shift reaction catalyzed by homogeneous Ru-complexes in a membrane reactor – membrane development and proof of concept

Low-temperature Reverse Water-Gas Shift Reaction Using SILP Ru Catalysts under Continuous-flow Conditions

Shift Reaction sentence examples within steam methane reforming

Upgrading of Bio-Syngas via Steam-CO2 Reforming Using Rh/Alumina Monolith Catalysts

Characteristics of Sr0.92Y0.08Ti1−xNixO3−δ anode for direct internal steam methane reforming in solid oxide fuel cells

Shift Reaction sentence examples within Ga Shift Reaction

Activating the FeS (001) Surface for CO2 Adsorption and Reduction through the Formation of Sulfur Vacancies: A DFT-D3 Study

Understanding the enhancement of CaO on water gas shift reaction for H2 production by density functional theory

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Shift Reaction sentence examples within Water Shift Reaction

Microwave assisted steam - CO2 char gasification of oil palm shell

Low Temperature Methanol-Water Reforming over the Alcohol Dehydrogenase and Immobilized Ruthenium Complex.

Shift Reaction sentence examples within Hydrogen Shift Reaction

Reductive Hydrogenation under Single-Site Control: Generation and Reactivity of a Transient NHC-Stabilized Tantalum(III) Alkoxide.

Atmospheric photo-oxidation of myrcene: OH reaction rate constant, gas phase oxidation products and radical budgets

Shift Reaction sentence examples within H Shift Reaction

Chemoselective synthesis of fully substituted pyrroles via a one-pot four-component isocyanide-based reaction.

Multicomponent cascade reactions of HKAs: synthesis of highly functionalized 5H-chromeno[4,3-d]pyrimidines

Catalytic consequences of the decoration of sodium and zinc atoms during CO2 hydrogenation to olefins over iron-based catalyst

Molecular mechanism for rapid autoxidation in α-pinene ozonolysis

Enhancement of biohydrogen production rate in Rhodospirillum rubrum by a dynamic CO-feeding strategy using dark fermentation

CaO catalyst for multi-route conversion of oakwood biomass to value-added chemicals and fuel precursors in fast pyrolysis

Assessment of CO2 capture efficiency in packed bed versus 3D-printed monolith reactors for SEWGS using CFD modeling

Design of Cobalt Fischer–Tropsch Catalysts for the Combined Production of Liquid Fuels and Olefin Chemicals from Hydrogen-Rich Syngas

Highly selective glucose isomerization by HY zeolite in gamma-butyrolactone/H2O system over fixed bed reactor

Rapid production of highly oxidized molecules in isoprene aerosol via peroxy and alkoxy radical isomerization pathways in low and high NOx environments: Combined laboratory, computational and field studies.

Highly Dispersed Molybdenum Oxycarbide Clusters Supported on Multilayer Graphene for the Selective Reduction of Carbon Dioxide.

High-purity hydrogen production via a water-gas-shift reaction in a palladium-copper catalytic membrane reactor integrated with pressure swing adsorption

High Loading of Transition Metal Single Atoms on Chalcogenide Catalysts.

High-temperature oxidation and reduction of the inverse ceria/Cu(111) catalyst characterized by LEED, STM, nc-AFM and KPFM.

Kinetic Study of Gas-Phase Reactions of Pyruvic Acid with HO2.

Preferential adsorption of CO2 on cobalt ferrite sites and its role in oxidative dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene

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Shift Reaction 시프트 반응

Shift Reaction 시프트 반응
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