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Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Behavior of Magnetic Carbon Fibers Prepared by Electroless FeCoNi-Plating

Nanocellular poly(ether-block-amide)/MWCNT nanocomposite films fabricated by stretching-assisted microcellular foaming for high-performance EMI shielding applications

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Characterization of optical and radiation shielding behaviors of ferric oxide reinforced bismuth borate glass

Ta2O5 Nanocrystals Strengthened Mechanical, Magnetic, and Radiation Shielding Properties of Heavy Metal Oxide Glass

Gamma Shielding Experiment Simulation utilizing MCNPX Code

Investigation on the structural quality dependent electromagnetic interference shielding performance of few-layer and lamellar Nb2CTx MXene nanostructures

Determinants of Shielding Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Associations With Well-being Among National Health Service Patients: Longitudinal Observational Study

Influence of Graphene Nanoplatelet Lateral Size on the Electrical Conductivity and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Performance of Polyester Nanocomposites

Radio-wave shielding behavior of steel structures

Evaluation of physical and radiation shielding properties of Bi2O3–B2O3 glass doped transition metals ions

Polarization selection characteristics of carbon fiber orientation and interweaving for electromagnetic interference shielding behaviors

Effect of Gd2O3 on the radiation shielding, physical, optical and luminescence behaviors of Gd2O3–La2O3–ZnO–B2O3–Dy2O3 glasses

PS/PANI/MoS2 Hybrid Polymer Composites with High Dielectric Behavior and Electrical Conductivity for EMI Shielding Effectiveness

FTIR, optical, and thermal studies of cadmium borate glass doped with Bi2O3 and effects of gamma irradiation

Waves in Strongly Coupled Dusty Plasmas

Compromise between magnetic shielding and mechanical strength of thin Al/Steel/Al sandwiches produced by cold roll bonding: Experimental and numerical approaches

Effect of Gamma Irradiation on High Lead Borate Glass Doped with Tungsten Oxide

Enhancing absorption dominated microwave shielding in Co@C-PVDF nanocomposites through improved magnetization and graphitization of the Co@C-nanoparticles.

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Shielding Behavior 차폐 행동

Shielding Behavior 차폐 행동
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