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A blockchain-based credible and secure education experience data management scheme supporting for searchable encryption

Problems and Countermeasures of Personal Credit Data Processing in Chinese Government Supervision

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The Value of Hybrid MTS/MTO Supply Chain Sharing Demand Forecasts under Big Data

The value of information sharing in a dual-channel closed-loop supply chain

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Chronic physical diseases

Mutual Capacity Building to Reduce the Behavioral Health Treatment Gap Globally

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Collaborative collection effort strategies based on the “Internet + recycling” business model

Cost Sharing over Combinatorial Domains: Complement-Free Cost Functions and Beyond

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Revealing social values in the context of peer-to-peer energy sharing: A methodological approach

Sharing Solar PV and Energy Storage in Apartment Buildings: Resource Allocation and Pricing

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Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks for 5G Vision

Interference Between 5G Indoor Micro Operators Utilizing Beamforming and Dynamic TDD in 26 GHz Band

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Value chain organization models of Taiwanese electronic information enterprises in Mainland China and their spatiotemporal evolution processes

Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Pemilihan Model Bagi Hasil Pada Sektor Pertanian di Wilayah Karesidenan Madiun

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Transport sharing: marketing aspects

Research on Smart City Double-link Data Storage and Sharing Model based on Alliance Chain

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Mental health in HIV prevention and care: A qualitative study of challenges and facilitators to integration in Vietnam.

MCF-CSA: A Multi-level Collaboration Framework for Cyber Situation Awareness and Information Sharing

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Trustless Virtual PON Sharing for 5G Services

A Multi-Layer Architecture for Near Real-Time Collaboration during Distributed Modeling and Simulation of Cyberphysical Systems

On stochastic dependence in residual lifetime and inactivity time with some applications

Buy, lease, or share? Consumer preferences for innovative business models in the market for electric vehicles

A Collaborative Cyberinfrastructure for Research and Education Using Geospatial Model

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More Sharing Models 공유 모델 sentence examples

Semantic Mapping from SysML to FRP: to Enable Executable and Verifiable Systems Design

Do Employees Cheer for Private Equity? The Heterogeneous Effects of Buyouts on Job Quality

One Health EJP - RaDAR model inventory: a user-friendly tool for annotating and exchanging models

Rules-based process mining to discover PLM system processes

Team-based care: A clinical pharmacist and family physicians

Food-sharing in the distributed use economy

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Power-Sharing in Divided Societies

Pricing rules of Green Supply Chain considering Big Data information inputs and cost-sharing model

Design and development of a web-based EPANET model catalogue and execution environment

Sharing economy: dialectic development of reciprocal exchange in the conditions of virtual reality and digital transformation

Estimating Savings in Parking Demand Using Shared Vehicles for Home–Work Commuting

Pricing policies and coordination of low-carbon supply chain considering targeted advertisement and carbon emission reduction costs in the big data environment

Impact of capital structure on financial performance: Evidence from telecommunication operators in Africa

Cost-sharing models: experience of the Anatolian University Libraries Consortium

Sharing economy revisited: Towards a new framework for understanding sharing models

Expanding Access to Depression Treatment in Kenya Through Automated Psychological Support: Protocol for a Single-Case Experimental Design Pilot Study

Reliability analysis of load-sharing systems with memory

The Impact of Capital Structure on Mobile Telecommunication Operators in Africa

#FeesMustFall: Lessons from the Post‑colonial Global South

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What are participants of cow sharing arrangements actually sharing? A property rights analysis on cow sharing arrangements in the European Alps

Sustainable waste and cost reduction strategies in a strategic buyer-supplier relationship

Are We Ready to Ride Autonomous Vehicles? A Pilot Study on Austrian Consumers’ Perspective

Accelerating Action in Global Health Security: Global Biosecurity Dialogue as a Model for Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda.

Adapted Rules for UML Modelling of Geospatial Information for Model-Driven Implementation as OWL Ontologies

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