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Investigation of Slickwater Effect on Permeability of Gas Shale from Longmaxi Formation

Triaxial Testing of Gas Shale Permeability Dependence on Heterogeneous Stress With Respect to Bedding

Experimental Research of the Influence of Microfracture Morphology on Permeability of Shale Rock

3D Multi-scale Reconstruction of Fractured Shale and Influence of Fracture Morphology on Shale Gas Flow

Numerical Investigation of Oil–Water Exchange Behaviors in Shale During Post-Fracturing Soaking Periods

Transverse permeability measurements of gas shales under replicated in-situ flow conditions: Mathematical modeling and laboratory testing

Drilling Fluid Technology for Horizontal Shale Oil Wells in the Dagang Oilfield

Effect of seepage flow on gas loss during the removal of shale core immersed in a drilling fluid

Fractal characteristics of shale pore structure and its influence on seepage flow

Study on the Flow Mechanism of Shale Oil with Different Injection Media

Chemical-Mechanical Coupling Effects on the Permeability of Shale Subjected to Supercritical CO 2-Water Exposure

Second-order correction of Klinkenberg equation and its experimental verification on gas shale with respect to anisotropic stress

Experimental Study of Bio-Based Membrane Enhancers on Shale Through Osmotic Pressure Measurements

Shale Permeability under Shale Components’ Thermal Swelling

Modeling of the Correlation Between Mineral Size and Shale Pore Structure at Meso- and Macroscales

A critical analysis of shale laboratory permeability evolution data

Full-scale pores and micro-fractures characterization using FE-SEM, gas adsorption, nano-CT and micro-CT: A case study of the Silurian Longmaxi Formation shale in the Fuling area, Sichuan Basin, China

Structural controls on the location and distribution of CO2 emission at a natural CO2 spring in Daylesford, Australia

Numerical modeling of gas transport in shales to estimate rock and fluid properties based on multiscale digital rocks

Experimental study of permeability change of organic-rich gas shales under high effective stress

Pressure-dependent fracture permeability of marine shales in the Northeast Yunnan area, Southern China

Permeability evolution under true triaxial stress conditions of Longmaxi shale in the Sichuan Basin, Southwest China

Mechanism of fracture damage induced by fracturing fluid flowback in shale gas reservoirs

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Shale Permeability 셰일 투과성

Shale Permeability 셰일 투과성
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