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Evo-devo of wing colour patterns in beetles.

Artificial nighttime lighting impacts visual ecology links between flowers, pollinators and predators

Evaluating the ecology of Spinosaurus: shoreline generalist or aquatic pursuit specialist?

Meta-analysis shows the evidence for context-dependent mating behaviour is inconsistent or weak across animals.

Sexual selection and its evolutionary consequences in female animals

Development and application of a robotic zebra finch (RoboFinch) to study multimodal cues in vocal communication

Attractive male sticklebacks carry more oxidative DNA damage in the soma and germline

Effects of early-life protein starvation on longevity and sexual performance of male medfly

The neurobiology of innate, volitional and learned vocalizations in mammals and birds

When to measure plumage reflectance: a lesson from Collared Flycatchers Ficedula albicollis

Information content of cheek and lip colour in relation to the timing of ovulation in women

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Sexual Signalling 성적인 신호

Sexual Signalling 성적인 신호
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