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Sexual Exploitation sentence examples within child sexual abuse

Child Sexual Abuse

“I Need You All to Understand How Pervasive This Issue Is”: User Efforts to Regulate Child Sexual Offending on Social Media

Sexual Exploitation sentence examples within conflict related sexual

The Nexus Between Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in Times of Conflict

At the Crossroads: Evidential Challenges in the Investigation and Prosecution of Trafficking in Persons for Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Violence in Situations of Conflict

Sexual Exploitation sentence examples within Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Substance Use and Childhood Sexual Abuse among Girls Who Are Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Vicarious Traumatization and Burnout among Service Providers for Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation

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Sexual Exploitation sentence examples within Child Sexual Exploitation

Profiling Darkweb Child Sexual Exploitation Material Forum Members Using Longitudinal Posting History Data

Disentangling practitioners’ understandings of child sexual exploitation: The risks of assuming otherwise?

Sexual Exploitation sentence examples within Online Sexual Exploitation

The Finance of Sex Trafficking and Impact of COVID-19

Online child sexual exploitation, grooming and the law

Sexual Exploitation sentence examples within Perpetrated Sexual Exploitation

Gender-Stratified Analysis of Haitian Perceptions Related to Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Perpetrated by UN Peacekeepers during MINUSTAH

Participant and narrative characteristics associated with host community members sharing experiences of peacekeeper-perpetrated sexual exploitation and abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Sexual Exploitation sentence examples within sexual exploitation material

Profiling Darkweb Child Sexual Exploitation Material Forum Members Using Longitudinal Posting History Data

Predicting Risk of Reoffending in Persons with Child Sexual Exploitation Material Offense Histories: The Use of Child Pornography Offender Risk Tool in a Scottish Population.

On Trust: The UN Security Council as Fiduciary

Explaining the Help-Seeking Intentions of Adolescents Subject to Sexual Exploitation in Tanzania: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior.

Rape and Other Ways of Reading

Where Are the Male Victims of Human Trafficking?

Tinjauan Yuridis terhadap Dampak Eksploitasi Perdagangan Anak dengan Modus Perkawinan

An Analysis of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 (POCSO ACT)

Perlindungan Hukum terhadap Korban dalam Tindak Pidana Eksploitasi Seksual Anak (Studi Kasus Putusan Nomor 535/Pid.Sus/2019/PN Dps)

The Fallacy of Contract in Sexual Slavery

Human Trafficking: Empowering Healthcare Providers and Community Partners as Advocates for Victims.

Woman Exploitation in Warkop DKI Poster Film

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Online Child Pornography: Problem Overview and Global Trends in Counteraction


Challenging the Stereotypes: Unexpected Features of Sexual Exploitation among Homeless and Street-Involved Boys in Western Canada

Utilization of Reproductive Health Services and Associated Factors among Secondary School Students in Woldia Town, Northeast Ethiopia

Sex Work and the City

The Perfect Victim: ‘Young girls’, domestic trafficking, and anti-prostitution politics in Canada

Repositioning Pan-Africanism for Human Security in the 21st Century

Perlindungan Hukum terhadap Anak Sebagai Korban Eksploitasi Seksual Komersial di Media Sosial

A Peek into Their Mind? An Exploration of Links Between Offense-Supportive Statements and Behaviors among Men Who Sexually Exploit Children and Adolescents Online.

Research Ethics Systems: Lessons from a Comparison between NGO Ethics Guidelines and University Ethics Procedures

Screening for human trafficking in one ED: social acceptance and practical dissonance.

Predators among protectors: overcoming power abuse during humanitarian crisis through effective humanitarian diplomacy and a gender-transformative approach

Covid 19 pandemic and its impact on children

Understanding and addressing Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in residential care in Northern Ireland using a qualitative case study design: The residential social care worker perspective.

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Intervention Forces in Central African Republic

Social justice in the courtroom: youth culture and multiple narrative voices in Eustace Palmer’s A Hanging Is Announced

Narco-violence, forced displacement, and sex trafficking: a qualitative study in Mexico


Race, the Public Sphere, and Sexual Violence in the Mothertongue Project’s Walk: South Africa

Evaluating student knowledge about sexual exploitation using an interprofessional approach to teaching and learning.

Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Study on the Trauma of Slave Women in Humus

Teaching the history of psychosocial consequences of sexual violence in the context of female psychiatric patients

Human Trafficking-Terrorism Nexus: When Violent Non-State Actors Engage in the Modern-Day Slavery

European Conventions that make States Cooperate Against Cyber Crimes and the Problem of Electronic Evidences for Investigations and Criminal Processes

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Sexual Violence and Trauma in Childhood: A Case Report Based on Strategic Counseling

“When It’s a Girl, They Have a Chance to Have Sex With Them. When It’s a Boy…They Have Been Known to Rape Them”: Perceptions of United Nations Peacekeeper-Perpetrated Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Against Women/Girls Versus Men/Boys in Haiti

Reading Esther as a Postcolonial Feminist Icon for Asian Women in Diaspora

Perlindungan Hukum Terhadap Anak Korban Eksploitasi Seksual Berdasarkan Hukum Islam

Sex in Tourism

Perlindungan Hukum terhadap Korban Kasus Perdagangan Anak dan Eksploitasi Seksual Ditinjau dari Undang-Undang No 35 Tahun 2014 tentang Perlindungan Anak Juncto Undang-Undang Informasi dan Transaksi Elektronik.

Is research on forced labour at an ‘early stage’? Introduction to the Special Issue: Czy badania nad pracą przymusową są rzeczywiście na „wczesnym etapie”? Wprowadzenie do Numeru tematycznego


“Sexual Exploitation” as a Logic, and Its Effects of Power in Contemporary Brazil

Tropical Hospitality, British Masculinity, and Drink in Late Eighteenth-Century Jamaica

Long-term (re)integration of persons trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation

Sexual Violence and Chemsex among Substance-Using Sexual and Gender Minorities in Texas.

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Sexual Exploitation 성적 착취

Sexual Exploitation 성적 착취
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