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Pengembangan Sistem Pemilah dan Pengelompokan Penghitung Objek Produksi pada Konveyor Berbasis Kamera dengan Metode RGB Threshold

Seven Segment Display Detection and Recognition using Predefined HSV Color Slicing Technique

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Identification and Pyramiding of QTLs for Rice Grain Size Based on Short-Wide Grain CSSL-Z563 and Fine-Mapping of qGL3–2

Identification and pyramiding of QTLs for rice grain size based on short-wide grain CSSL-Z563 and fine-mapping of qGL3-2

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Visual recognition efficiency of handheld infrared thermometer interface information under low ambient illuminance

‘Fastest Finger First - Educational Quiz Buzzer’ Using Arduino and Seven Segment Display for Easier Detection of Participants

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Data for: Text detection and Recognition in Raw Image Dataset of Seven Segment Digital Energy Meter Display

Text detection and recognition in raw image dataset of seven segment digital energy meter display

Structural and stress heterogeneities along the 1997 Zirkuh earthquake fault, Eastern Iran

Implementation of LED Based Spectrophotometer using SoC_FPGA

Genomic Analysis Illustrated a Single Introduction and Evolution of Israeli Bluetongue Serotype 8 Virus Population 2008–2019

Exposure to Repetitive Head Impacts Is Associated With Corpus Callosum Microstructure and Plasma Total Tau in Former Professional American Football Players.

A Smart Gate Driver IC for GaN Power HEMTs With Dynamic Ringing Suppression

Application of Soft Computing Approach in Seven-segment Display Hardware as Applied to Business Strategies

Evaluation of the input site and characteristics of the antegrade fast pathway based on three-dimensional bi-atrial stimulus-ventricle mapping

Spectral responses across a dorsal-ventral array of dermal sensilla in the medicinal leech.

Finite element modeling and parameter identification of the seated human body exposed to vertical vibration.

Morphometry of the Entire Internal Carotid Artery on CT Angiography

Securing The Generalized Data Using BBRP24 Method

Development of a Mobile Module-Based Wind Tunnel for the Determination of Collection Efficiencies of Particulate Matter on Surface Structures

A Novel PWM Modulation Based on Model Predictive Control for PMSM

Evaluation of segmentation algorithms for optical coherence tomography images of ovarian tissue

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A deep reinforcement learning based approach towards generating human walking behavior with a neuromuscular model

Assessment Tool for Environmental Management System Performance According to the ISO 14001

Segment: Applicability of an Existing Segmentation Technique to Transportation Demand Management Campaigns in the United States

An Embedded System-Based Snap Constrained Trajectory Planning Method for 3D Motion Systems

Student’s Self-Confidence Restoration with Peer Mentoring Strategy

Akurasi Sistem Penjadwalan Sholat Digital Menggunakan Arduino Sebagai Pengendali

†Bittacopsocus-a new bizarre genus of †Permopsocida (Insecta) from Burmese Cretaceous amber.

Deep Insight into the Transcriptome of the Single Silk Gland of Bombyx mori

A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Samsung’s Ingenius, Website, Consumers’ Comments, and Samsung-Apple Brand Positioning

Infectious DNA clone technology and inoculation strategy for Rose Rosette Virus that includes all seven segments of the negative-strand RNA genome

Prediction of Demersal Fishing Ground Associated with Coral Reefs in the Coastal Jepara Regency, Central Java, Indonesia Based on Sentinel 2a Imagery

Exploring the potential of natural language processing to support microgenetic analysis of collaborative learning discussions

¿Qué Impulsa la Elección de una Cerveza Artesanal? En Busca de los Atributos Preferidos por el Consumidor Chileno

Can machine learning automatically detect the aligned trunk in sitting directly from raw video using a depth camera

An Embedded System-Based Snap Constrained Trajectory Planning Method for 3D Motion Systems

Combined traditional and modern methods for identification of melon thrips Thrips palmi Karney: The vector of Watermelon bud necrosis virus (Tospovirus: Buniyaviridae)


Revision of Superfamily Pilumnoidea from the Egyptian Red Sea coasts, Gulfs of Aqaba and Suez, Egypt

Low Impact Development (LID) as an effort to achieve a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS). Case Study: Left Side Of Garang River Segment VI Semarang

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Seven Segment 세븐세그먼트

Seven Segment 세븐세그먼트
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