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Variability response function approach for foundation reliability

Nonlinear Settlement of Piled Rafts in Sandy Soil

Pile configuration optimization on the design of combined piled raft foundations

A DEM-Based Factor to Design Rock-Socketed Piles Considering Socket Roughness

Hybrid Continuous-Discrete Modeling of an Ordinary Stone Column and Micromechanical Investigations

A Study On Effects Of Diameter On Stress Response Of Floating Stone Column

Evaluation of design methods for side resistance only rock socketed piles

Pullout tests on diagonally enhanced geocells embedded in sand to improve load-deformation response subjected to significant planar tensile loads

Response of strip footing resting on earth bed reinforced with geotextile with wraparound ends using finite element analysis

Study of bearing capacity of skirted irregular pentagonal footings on different sands

Numerical Analysis of Geogrid CFG Pile-Supported Embankment on Soft Soil

Bearing capacity of surface circular footings on granular material under low gravity fields

3D numerical analysis of piled raft foundation in stone column improved soft soil

Numerical Analysis of Effect of Waveform Micropile on Foundation Underpinning During Building Vertical Extension Remodeling

Mohr-Coulomb and Hardening Soil Model Comparison of the Settlement of an Embankment Dam

Observations and analysis of wide piled foundations

A two-stage numerical analysis approach for the assessment of the settlement response of the pre-damaged historic Hoca Pasha Mosque

Analysis of rigid pavements on ground improved by geosynthetics and stone columns

Large-scale load capacity tests on a geosynthetic encased column

Predicting the stress-strain behaviour of zeolite-cemented sand based on the unconfined compression test using GMDH type neural network

Influence of Properties of Infill Material on the Behaviour of Geocells

Analysis of vertically loaded piles considering crushing characteristics of crushed stones

Effects of inter-helix spacing and short-term soil setup on the behaviour of axially loaded helical piles in cohesive soil

Effect of aspect ratio of footings on settlement response of geosynthetic-reinforced granular fill-soft soil system

Analysis of rock-socketed piles loaded in axial compression in Mumbai region based on load transfer characteristics

Performance analysis of an evolutionary LM algorithm to model the load-settlement response of steel piles embedded in sandy soil

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Settlement Response 정산 응답

Settlement Response 정산 응답
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