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Settlement or Return? The Intended Permanence of Emigration from Germany Across the Life Course

Education and consumption: Evidence from migrants in Chinese cities

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How does air pollution affect urban settlement of the floating population in China? New evidence from a push-pull migration analysis

Generational differences in urban settlement intentions of rural-to-urban migrants in China: Exploring the role of farmland holding

Escaping from pollution: Air pollution and the settlement intentions of floating migrants in Chinese cities

Immigrants’ Intentions – Leaning Towards Remigration or Naturalization?

Settlement intention of migrants in the Yangtze River Delta, China: The importance of city‐scale contextual effects

Urban amenity and settlement intentions of rural–urban migrants in China

Sense of belonging and social identity on the settlement intentions of rural-urban migrants: evidence from China

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Settlement Intentions 결제의도

Settlement Intentions 결제의도
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