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Measurement of relative lung perfusion with electrical impedance and positron emission tomography: an experimental comparative study.

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Optic Nerve Head Microcirculation in Eyes With Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease Accompanied by Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy: a Case Report

Increased thickness and decreased blood flow velocity of the choroid in a patient with acute macular neuroretinopathy

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Author response: Selective dephosphorylation by PP2A-B55 directs the meiosis I-meiosis II transition in oocytes

Selective dephosphorylation by PP2A-B55 directs the meiosis I-meiosis II transition in oocytes

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Prospective analysis of myocardial strain through the evolution of Chagas disease in the hamster animal model

Prospective Analysis of Myocardial Strain Through The Evolution of Chagas Disease In The Hamster Animal Model

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Top-Down Projections Direct the Gradual Progression of Alzheimer-Related Tau Pathology Throughout the Neocortex.

A Bacterial Surface Layer Protein Exploits Multi-step Crystallization for Rapid Self-assembly

Hydrogen gas distribution in organs after inhalation: Real-time monitoring of tissue hydrogen concentration in rat

A Deeper Look Into the Decidualization of Human Endometrial Stromal Fibroblasts

A complex interaction between antitubercular treatment and acenocoumarol

Editorial Comment to Urodynamic analysis of the impact of diabetes mellitus on bladder function

Mitigating biofouling with a vanillin coating on thin film composite reverse osmosis membranes

Dynamics of Meiotic Sex Chromosome Inactivation and Pachytene Activation in Mice Spermatogenesis

Metabolic features and regulation of the healing cycle-A new model for chronic disease pathogenesis and treatment.

Genome wide DNA methylation profiling identifies specific epigenetic features in high-risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

Coherence between oscillations in the cardiorespiratory system and tissue oxygen index in muscle recovering from intensive exercise in humans.

Calabrian (Eopleistocene) micromammal assemblages from the lacustrine and fluvial deposits of the Southern Trans-Urals and chronological position of some regional stratigraphic units

Modulation of the innate immune responses in Indian major carp, Catla catla following experimental infection with Flavobacterium columnare

Three-Dimensional Evaluation of the Postsurgical Stability of Mandibular Setback With the Surgery-First Approach: Comparison Between Patients With Symmetry and Asymmetry.

4f imaging system method to determine optical properties of thin film magnetic material

A Regulamentação da doação de bens públicos no estado do Pará antes da Lei 13.465/2017

Anadromy, potamodromy and residency in brown trout Salmo trutta: the role of genes and the environment

Prescribing medicines to older people—How to consider the impact of ageing on human organ and body functions

Finding Your Voice: The Linguistic Development of Mental Health Counselors

Relation between dynamic changes of platelet counts and 30-day mortality in severely burned patients

DNA Methylation and Histone Modifications Associated with Male Germ Cell Differentiation

Rainfall Trends in Southern Portugal at Different Time Scales

Dynamic Evaluation of Ecological Vulnerabilityin a Lake Watershed Based on RSand GIS Technology

Modal Identification of Output-Only Systems of Composite Discs Using Zernike Modes and MAC

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Relationship between the Number of Neutrophils and Myofibroblasts during Diabetic Wound Healing and Wound Age.

Genome wide DNA methylation profiling identifies specific epigenetic features in high-risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

Time for reform in transplant program–specific reporting: AST/ASTS transplant metrics taskforce

Evolutionary Minimization of Spin Glass Energy

Effect of Probe-Tone Frequency on Ipsilateral and Contralateral Electrical Stapedius Reflex Measurement in Children With Cochlear Implants

Increasing reward prospect promotes cognitive flexibility: Direct evidence from voluntary task switching with double registration

Deep Learning for Automatically Visual Evoked Potential Classification During Surgical Decompression of Sellar Region Tumors

Multicenter comparison of three intraoperative hemoglobin trend monitoring methods

Vibrational Dynamics of Carbamazepine: Studies Based on Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy and X-ray Diffraction

Endothelial cells promote 3D invasion of GBM by IL-8-dependent induction of cancer stem cell properties

Is diamine oxidase, which is an indicator for disease assessment in diarrheal calves, influenced by the serum copper concentration?

Evolutionary and clinical trajectories of early-onset prostate cancer

Influence of elastic modulus mismatch between dentin and post-and-core on sequential bonding failure.

The Impact of Different Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment and Scanning Parameters on Signal Intensity Ratio Measurements in Phantoms and Healthy Volunteers: Implications for Interpreting Gadolinium Signal Changes Within the Brain

Kinetic Analysis of the Motility of Giant Virus-Infected Amoebae Using Phase-Contrast Microscopic Images

Microbial transmission from mother to child: improving infant intestinal microbiota development by identifying the obstacles

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Sequential Changes 순차적 변경

Sequential Changes 순차적 변경
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