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Sensor Readings sentence examples within Noisy Sensor Readings

Negative updating applied to the best-of-n problem with noisy qualities

Learning Dexterous Grasping with Object-Centric Visual Affordances

Sensor Readings sentence examples within Inertial Sensor Readings

An Adaptive Sensor Fusion Framework for Pedestrian Indoor Navigation in Dynamic Environments

A LoRa sensor network for monitoring pastured livestock location and activity1

Sensor Readings sentence examples within Inaccurate Sensor Readings

Quantitative verification of Kalman filters

Motor adaptation: an underappreciated aspect of technical surgical skill

Sensor Readings sentence examples within Level Sensor Readings

Цифровая коррекция показаний измерительных каналов уровня жидких сред с областью нечувствительности датчиков на атомных электрических станциях

Static postural transition-based technique and efficient feature extraction for sensor-based activity recognition

Sensor Readings sentence examples within Representing Sensor Readings

Local Path Planning using Distance-Type Fuzzy Reasoning Method in Unstructured and Dynamic Construction Sites

DeepMTL: Deep Learning Based Multiple Transmitter Localization

Sensor Readings sentence examples within Magnetometer Sensor Readings

Special issue “Characterization of the geomagnetic field and its dynamic environment using data from space-based magnetometers”

Magnetometer data from the GRACE satellite duo

Sensor Readings sentence examples within Remote Sensor Readings

A Hidden Markov Model and Fuzzy Logic Forecasting Approach for Solar Geyser Water Heating

An IoT General-Purpose Sensor Board for Enabling Remote Aquatic Environmental Monitoring

Sensor Readings sentence examples within Motion Sensor Readings


S3: Side-Channel Attack on Stylus Pencil through Sensors

Sensor Readings sentence examples within Individual Sensor Readings

CIMAX: collective information maximization in robotic swarms using local communication

Soil Moisture as Predictor of Plant Water Status

Sensor Readings sentence examples within Imu Sensor Readings

AWash: Handwashing Assistance for the Elderly with Dementia via Wearables

Nod to Auth: Fluent AR/VR Authentication with User Head-Neck Modeling

Sensor Readings sentence examples within These Sensor Readings

Internet of Things (IoT) Based Indoor Air Quality Sensing and Predictive Analytic—A COVID-19 Perspective

Achieving a Balanced Knee in Robotic TKA

Sensor Readings sentence examples within Temperature Sensor Readings

JANUS Optical Head Line of Sight Temperature dependence Characterization and Validation by on ground test

Dissipation of Electrical Energy into Heat Energy in Web-Based Rainfall Meter Microcontrollers

Sensor Readings sentence examples within Ph Sensor Readings

Automatic Filterization For Industrial Drinking Water Quality Based On Internet Of Things

Drift Compensation of a Low-Cost pH Sensor by Artificial Neural Network

Sensor Readings sentence examples within sensor readings correlated

Optical Sensors to Predict Sugarbeet Yield, Quality and Fertilizer Nitrogen Application Rate

Embedding Usage Sensors in Point-of-Use Water Treatment Devices: Sensor Design and Application in Limpopo, South Africa.

Field calibration of DFM capacitance probes for continuous soil moisture monitoring

Self-Corrective Sensor Fusion for Drone Positioning in Indoor Facilities

Application of Electromagnetic Sensing and Infiltration Measurements to Evaluate Salinity Reclamation and Turfgrass Management Options for Improved Leaching

Uncertainty quantification of steady and transient source term estimation in an urban environment

A Low Cost Baby Incubator Design Equipped with Vital Sign Parameters

Estimating Instrumentation Data Acquired During Flight Test of a Helicopter using Predictor Models

Cooperative Multi-Agent Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wireless Network in a Noisy Environment

Designing Low-Cost Capacitive-Based Soil Moisture Sensor and Smart Monitoring Unit Operated by Solar Cells for Greenhouse Irrigation Management

Anomaly Detection for Discovering Performance Degradation in Cellular IoT Services

On the Role of Context Length for Feature Extraction and Sequence Modeling in Human Activity Recognition

Body Pose Prediction Based on Motion Sensor Data and Recurrent Neural Network

IoT-Based Kobela Teaching Aid for Mathematics Learning Multiplication and Division Materials for Grade II Elementary School Students

Synthesis of optimal multi-objective attack strategies for controlled systems modeled by probabilistic automata

Becoming Smarter at Characterizing Potholes and Speed Bumps from Smartphone Data — Introducing a Second-Generation Inference Problem

Drift compensation of commercial water quality sensors using machine learning to extend the calibration lifetime

The Device–Object Pairing Problem: Matching IoT Devices with Video Objects in a Multi-Camera Environment

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Analysis of Temperature on Baby Incubator Control System

Comparisons between accuracy of CGM systems in a pediatric setting can be outdated before they are published. Comment on Nagl et al

Hexagonal Grid-Based Framework for Mobile Robot Navigation

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