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Development of optimal routing service for emergency scenarios using pgRouting and FOSS4G

Applying OGC Sensor Web Enablement Standards to Develop a TDR Multi-Functional Measurement Model

Sensor Observation sentence examples within sensor observation datum

A Smart Service-Oriented CyberGIS Framework for Solving Data-Intensive Geospatial Problems

Multiple Target Tracking Based on Multiple Hypotheses Tracking and Modified Ensemble Kalman Filter in Multi-Sensor Fusion

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Distributed Sequential Hypothesis Testing with Dependent Sensor Observations

Efficient Sensing of Correlated Spatiotemporal Signals: A Stochastic Gradient Approach

The Cloud Resolving Model Radar Simulator (CR-SIM) Version 3.2:Description and Applications of a Virtual Observatory

Transport of Po Valley aerosol pollution to the northwestern Alps – Part 1: Phenomenology

Probably Unknown: Deep Inverse Sensor Modelling Radar

A Tale of Two Dust Storms: analysis of a complex dust event in the Middle East

Tri-Variate Copula Modeling for Spatially Correlated Observations in Wireless Sensor Networks

Collaborative linear dynamical system identification by scarce relevant/irrelevant observations

Thermal Sensor Placement and Thermal Reconstruction Under Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Sensor Noises for 3-D NoC

A trust architecture for blockchain in IoT

Games for the Optimal Deployment of Security Forces

Evaluation of satellite-based products for extreme rainfall estimations in the eastern coastal areas of China

RL-RRT: Kinodynamic Motion Planning via Learning Reachability Estimators From RL Policies

Embedded Mission Decision-Making based on Dynamic Decision Networks in SoPC Platform

Safe Navigation With Human Instructions in Complex Scenes

Accurate Global Trajectory Alignment using Poles and Road Markings

Edge-of-things computing framework for cost-effective provisioning of healthcare data

Anomaly Detection and Cognizant Path Planning for Surveillance Operations using Aerial Robots

Deep-ocean inertial subrange small bandwidth coherence and Ozmidov-frequency separation

Distributed Detection with Empirically Observed Statistics

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Sensor Observation 센서 관찰

Sensor Observation 센서 관찰
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