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Design Considerations for Information Collaboration in Long-term Senior Care System

Developing new heat pump system to improve indoor living space in senior long-term care house

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Improving Care Transitions: An Initiative between the Emergency Department and Senior Care Facilities

Toward the use of medical scent detection dogs for COVID-19 screening

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The Expanded Potential Role of Pharmacogenomics.

It Takes Action to Prevent Falls in Older People. What Role Will You Play?

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Senior Care sentence examples within senior care home

Estimates and determinants of SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence and infection fatality ratio using latent class analysis: the population-based Tirschenreuth study in the hardest-hit German county in spring 2020

Estimates and Determinants of SARS-Cov-2 Seroprevalence and Infection Fatality Ratio Using Latent Class Analysis: The Population-Based Tirschenreuth Study in the Hardest-Hit German County in Spring 2020

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Functional capacity and self-care profiles of older people in senior care homes.

Generativity: Establishing and Nurturing the Next Generation

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2021 AAFP Feline Senior Care Guidelines

Senior care: setting the stage for optimal feline aging

Perspectives of older Tamil immigrants on social inclusion: A concept mapping study in Canada.

Chinese seniors holidaying, elderly care, rural tourism and rural poverty alleviation programmes

Is there a light at the end of the gender inequality tunnel?

VisuoSpatial Foresight for Physical Sequential Fabric Manipulation

Purposes of peer review: A qualitative study of stakeholder expectations and perceptions

A Clinical Conundrum: The Pharmacist’s Role in Evaluating Comorbid Urinary Incontinence and Heart Failure

Elite Junior Throwers Unlikely to Remain at the Top Level in the Senior Category.

Diplomatic jobs in Nigeria: careerists v. political appointees

Overburdening of peer reviewers. A multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder perspective on causes, effects and potential policy implications

How COVID-19 Will Change Health, Hospitality and Senior Facility Design

A Study on Supply–Demand Satisfaction of Community-Based Senior Care Combined with the Psychological Perception of the Elderly

Precise Measurement of Physical Activities and High-Impact Motion: Feasibility of Smart Activity Sensor System

Overburdening of peer reviewers: A multi‐stakeholder perspective on causes and effects

Doctors’ rural practice self‐efficacy is associated with current and intended small rural locations of practice

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Magnetic Induction-based Human Activity Recognition (MI-HAR)

Fall detection with multi-domain features by a portable FMCW radar

A Global Survey on the Perceptions and Impacts of Gender Inequality in the Earth and Space Sciences

Wearable Tracking Modules Based on Magnetic Fields

The implementation of the Internet of Things: What impact on organizations?

The Beginning of Senior Career in Team Sport Is Affected by Relative Age Effect

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Homophily, biased attention, and the gender gap in science

Transitioning Patients to Independence

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Senior Care 시니어 케어

Senior Care 시니어 케어
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