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A preliminary phylogeny of Zapoteca (Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae: Mimosoid clade)

Bird community responses to changes in vegetation caused by increasing large mammal populations in the Serengeti woodlands

Gum Arabic Production and Population Status of Senegalia senegal (L.) Britton in Dryland Forests in South Omo Zone, Ethiopia

Particleboard bonded with bio-hardeners of tannin adhesives

African tree bark exudate extracts as biohardeners of fully biosourced thermoset tannin adhesives for wood panels

Complete Chloroplast Genomes of Vachellia nilotica and Senegalia senegal: Comparative Genomics and Phylogenomic Placement in a New Generic System

The widely distributed legume tree Vachellia (Acacia) nilotica subsp. indica is nodulated by genetically diverse Ensifer strains in India

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Senegalia Senegal 세네갈리아 세네갈

Senegalia Senegal 세네갈리아 세네갈
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