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Optimization of the Composition and Amount of Nonmetallic Inclusions in a Continuously Cast Billet Based on the Deoxidation of the Melt with Aluminum and Calcium Carbide

Determination of the influence of deflections in the thickness of a composite material on its physical and mechanical properties with a local damage to its wholeness

Microwave-assisted extraction and membrane-based separation of biophenols from red wine lees

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance of Recycled Aluminum Alloy 6061 Chips Using Hot Extrusion Followed by ECAP

Comparative Simulation Analysis of the Performance of the Logistics Manufacturing System at the Operative Level

Skew Rolling of Rods from Scrap Rail Heads

5S Application and Semi-Finished Products Inventory Monitoring to Create Clean Work Area in PT Asta Kriya

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Semifinished Products 반제품

Semifinished Products 반제품
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