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Self Esteem Level sentence examples within psycho educational nursing

Assertiveness and Self-esteem of Final Year Nursing Students: Effect of Psycho-Educational Nursing Intervention

Skin-Disease Specific and Generic Psychometric Measures in Patients with Psoriasis

Perceived Stress and Self-Esteem among Young Adults

Self-esteem level and smartphone use in Chinese adolescents: The role of self-esteem stability

Adolescents’ social media experiences and their self-esteem: A person-specific susceptibility perspective.

Self-critical Rumination and Associated Metacognitions as Mediators of the Relationship Between Perfectionism and Self-esteem

Identifying the relationship between human self-esteem and general health using data mining

Personality Determinants of Teachers Subjective Career Success

Self-reported body weight and weight-related stigmatization experiences among young adult women—two contexts, but similar attitudes related to body image, mental self-schemas, self-esteem, and stereotypes of people with obesity

Factors that affect the traumatic childbirth perceptions of midwifery and nursing students: The case of Turkey

Family Support Increases Self-Esteem in Rehabilitation Stroke Patients

Will I Like Myself If You Hurt Me? Experiences of Violence and Adolescents’ Self-Esteem

The Effects of Mobile Social Media Use on Older Migrants’ Social Integration and Life Satisfaction: Use Types and Self-Esteem Perspective

Research on the Relationship between Curling Referees’ State-Trait Anxiety and Their Decision Making Ability

Effect of mental resilience of left-behind children on self-esteem and emotional processing bias and social coping styles.

Higher emotional investment in social media is related to anxiety and depression in university students

Prevalence and Relationship of Orthorexia Nervosa with Self-Esteem and Lifestyle Satisfaction in Indian Married Women

The Influence of Bullying Behavior on Depression in Middle School Students: A Moderated Mediating Effect

Aktywność fizyczna a samoocena młodzieży na przykładzie uczniów lubelskich liceów

How Can People Express Their Trait Self-Esteem Through Their Faces in 3D Space?

An Analysis of Education Reforms and Assessment in the Core Subjects Using an Adapted Maslow’s Hierarchy: Pre and Post COVID-19

From Deficits in Emotional Intelligence to Eating Disorder Symptoms: A Sequential Path Analysis Approach Through Self-Esteem and Anxiety

Which is the most appropriate parenting style for the adolescents’ self-esteem among Acehnese people?

Emotional Intelligence and Self Esteem among Young Adults

Study of the Social Acceptance and Self-Esteem Levels of High School Students Who Do Sports towards Disabled Students

Hemşirelik Öğrencilerinin Mesleki Benlik Saygısı ve Etkileyen Faktörler

A Comparative Study of Appearance Anxiety and Self-Esteem Among Indian Classical Dancers and Non-Dancers

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Gender and cardiovascular risk in rotational shift workers in the Arctic

Using self-assessment instruction to develop primary school students’ self-esteem in inclusive practice in Kazakhstan

A new application of TMR: A study on implicit self-esteem

Violence Against Women During COVID-19 Pandemic.

Exploring the relationship between first-year nursing student self-esteem and dropout: A cohort study.

Study to determine the relationship between parenting style and adolescent self-esteem

Factors Associated With Low Self-Esteem Among Patients With Hematologic Malignancies: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Self Esteem Level 자존감 수준

Self Esteem Level 자존감 수준
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