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DNA-templated control of chirality and efficient energy transport in supramolecular DNA architectures with aggregation-induced emission

Fabrication of amino acid-based supramolecular hydrogel with silver ions for improved antibacterial properties

Rapid Production of Multifunctional Self-Assembling Peptides for Incorporation and Visualization within Hydrogel Biomaterials.

An overview of anion coordination by hydroxyl, amine and amide based rigid and symmetric neutral dipodal receptors

Self-assembled peptide-conjugated rosemary extract derivatives as drug delivery vehicles for targeting tumor cells

Positional isomeric effect of acyclic hosts on supramolecular recognition of anionic guests

Living-System-Driven Evolution of Self-Assembled-Peptide Probes: For Boosting Glioma Theranostics.

Engineering autoreactive T and B cell responses toward active immunotherapy for inflammatory diseases

Control of Large-Area Orderliness of a 2D Supramolecular Chiral Microstructure by a 1D Interference Field.

Computational Insights into the Aggregation Pathway of Self-Assembled Nanotubules.

DNA nanotechnology provides an avenue for the construction of programmable dynamic molecular systems

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Self Assembled Supramolecular 자가 조립된 초분자

Self Assembled Supramolecular 자가 조립된 초분자
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