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Determination of Secondary Species in Solution through Pump-Selective Transient Absorption Spectroscopy and Explicit-Solvent TDDFT.

Direct Observation of the Photoreduction Products of Mn(NDI-bpy)(CO)3X CO2 Reduction Catalysts Using Femtosecond Transient IR Spectroscopy

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Design and Construction of an Optical TEM Specimen Holder

Design and Construction of an Optical TEM Specimen Holder

Role of intramolecular hydrogen bonds in promoting electron flow through amino acid and oligopeptide conjugates

Light-induced energy transfer followed by electron transfer in axially co-ordinated benzothiazole tethered zinc porphyrin-fullero[C60/C70]pyrrolidine triads

An AIE-driven fluorescent polysaccharide polymersome as an enzyme-responsive FRET nanoprobe to study the real-time delivery aspects in live cells

Spin-orbit Charge Transfer Intersystem Crossing (SOCT-ISC) in Anthracene-Perylenebisimide Compact Electron Donor/Acceptor Dyads and Triads and Photochemical Dianion Formation.

Controlling the Dynamics of Three Electron Spin Qubits in a Donor-Acceptor-Radical Molecule Using Dielectric Environment Changes.

Role of inter- and intraconfigurational transitions of Pr3+ ion in nonequilibrium carrier relaxation in garnet-type scintillators

Manipulating Weyl quasiparticles by orbital-selective photoexcitation in WTe2

Effect of Mg2+ co-doping on the photo- and thermally stimulated luminescence of the (Lu,Gd)3(Ga,Al)5O12:Ce epitaxial films

Electron transfer from photoexcited naphthalene-1,4:5,8-bis(dicarboximide) radical anion to Mn(bpy)(CO)3X and Re(bpy)(CO)3X CO2 reduction catalysts linked via a saturated methylene bridge

Ultrafast electron-transfer in a fully conjugated coumarin-ferrocene donor-acceptor dyads

Improvement of the Time Resolution of Radiation Detectors Based on Gd3Al2Ga3O12 Scintillators With SiPM Readout

80% Valley Polarization of Free Carriers in Singly Oriented Single-Layer WS_{2} on Au(111).

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