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Signposts in the Fog: Objects Facilitate Scene Representations in Left Scene-selective Cortex

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Prolonged functional development of the parahippocampal place area and occipital place area

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Study on impacts on receptive field in hierarchical visual areas caused by attention and different attending stimulus

A Biologically-inspired Attentional Approach for Face Recognition

Human Scene-Selective Areas Represent 3D Configurations of Surfaces

Nanoparticle Assembling through Click Chemistry Directed by Mixed SAMs for Magnetic Applications

Emotion Modulation of the Body-Selective Areas in the Developing Brain

How Do Academically Selective School Systems Affect Pupils’ Social-Emotional Competencies? New Evidence From the Millennium Cohort Study

The Human Posterior Superior Temporal Sulcus Samples Visual Space Differently From Other Face-Selective Regions.

Reversible Rewards

Color perception matches selectivity in human early visual cortex

CNN explains tuning properties of anterior, but not middle, face-processing areas in macaque IT

Chinese Textile and Apparel Manufacturers’ Perceptions, Goals and Structures Toward Corporate Sustainability

Does CNN Explain Tuning Properties of Macaque Face-Processing System?

Predicting Blood Oxygenation Level-Dependent Activity in Fusiform Face Area from the Activity in Other Visual Areas

A functional dissociation of face-, body- and scene-selective brain areas based on their response to moving and static stimuli

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Selective Areas 선택 영역

Selective Areas 선택 영역
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