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Domestic financial liberalization and economic growth nexus: the role of corruption

Efficiency and Resource Implications of Food Losses and Waste in sub-Saharan Africa

Economic complexity to boost the selected sub-Saharan African economies

The Impact of the Mobile Money on People’s Use of Financial Services in Sub-Sahara Africa

Banking technology and cashless economy in selected Sub-Saharan African countries: does education matter?

Impact of Real Shocks on Business Cycles in selected Sub-Saharan African Countries

Beyond counting intended pregnancies among young women to understanding their associated factors in sub-Saharan Africa.

Wicked Problem and Gender Inequality in the Educational Sector

Viability of the Store-on Grid Scheme Model for Grid-tied Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Sub-Saharan African Countries

Resilient Governance Regimes That Support Urban Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Cities: Learning From Local Challenges

Macroeconomic Drivers of Private Equity Penetration in Sub-Saharan African Countries

Are new national malaria strategic plans informed by the previous ones? A comprehensive assessment of sub-Saharan African countries from 2001 to present

Investigating the nexus among environmental pollution, economic growth, energy use, and foreign direct investment in 6 selected sub-Saharan African countries

The Costs of Implementing Vaccination With the RTS,S Malaria Vaccine in Five Sub-Saharan African Countries

Can Trade Openness and Global Value Chains Improve Real GDP Growth and Human Development Index in Sub-Saharan African Countries?

Investigating the Link between Economic Complexity Index and Monetary Policy Lending Rates in Selected Sub-Saharan African Countries

Roles of age and gender in the attainment of sustainable governance in Africa

Drivers of Stock Market Returns in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Selected Countries

Health care expenditure and infant mortality in sub-Saharan Africa

Can financial development influence economic growth: The sub-Saharan analysis?

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Selected Sub Saharan 선택된 사하라 사막 이남

Selected Sub Saharan 선택된 사하라 사막 이남
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