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Clarification of performance requirements for utilizing robotic technology for regular inspection of steel bridges

Mechanical and Functional Properties of Cavitation Generators with PVD Functional Coatings Intended for Use in the Cavitation Environment

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Analysis the Influence of Steel Sheet Production Technology on the Quality Products in Steel Service Polska

Post-Fire Susceptibility to Brittle Fracture of Selected Steel Grades Used in Construction Industry – Assessment Based on the Instrumented Impact Test

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Processing and characterization of high strength dual-phase steel by two-step intercritical heat treatment process

Characteristics of solids accumulation on steel samples during co-combustion of biomass and coal in a CFB boiler

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Effect of deep cryogenic treatment on surface chemistry and microstructure of selected high-speed steels

Investigation of microstructural attributes of steel surfaces through magneto-optical Kerr effect

Study of the impact properties and microstructure evolution in a high-strength low-alloy heavy steel

Characterisation on impact-toughness in Al-bearing hot-rolled TRIP steel produced through dynamic-partitioning

Possibilities of the Utilization of Ferritic Nitrocarburizing on Case-Hardening Steels

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On-site monitoring and laboratory characterization of corrosion processes in the geothermal water of Polish Lowland

Influencia de un tratamiento térmico isotérmico en la resistencia al desgaste según norma astm g-65 en un acero AISI SAE 1045


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Measurement of chip morphology and multi criteria optimization of turning parameters for machining of AISI 4340 steel using Y-ZTA cutting insert

Forming limit prediction by the Marciniak–Kuczynski model coupled with the evolving non-associated Hill48 plasticity model

Magnetic Properties of Pure Iron for the Upgrade of the LHC Superconducting Dipole and Quadrupole Magnets

Low cycle fatigue behaviour of a ferritic steel strengthened with nano-meter sized precipitates

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Selected Steel 선택된 강철

Selected Steel 선택된 강철
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