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Secure Scheme sentence examples within Efficient Secure Scheme

Securing Query results for Cloud Databases

Quantum Resistant Public Key Encryption Scheme polarRLCE

Secure Scheme sentence examples within Proposed Secure Scheme

Zero-Sum Game-Based Optimal Secure Control Under Actuator Attacks

BUAV: A blockchain based secure UAV-assisted data acquisition scheme in Internet of Things

Secure Scheme sentence examples within Quantum Secure Scheme

A post-quantum secure communication system for cloud manufacturing safety

Timing Attacks on Error Correcting Codes in Post-Quantum Schemes

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Secure Scheme sentence examples within Provably Secure Scheme

Secure and Efficient Data Aggregation for IoT Monitoring Systems

Identity-certifying Authority-aided Identity-based Searchable Encryption Framework in Cloud System

Secure Scheme sentence examples within Novel Secure Scheme

Distributed Consensus-Based Economic Dispatch in Power Grids Using the Paillier Cryptosystem

Secure and Personalized Edge Computing Services in 6G Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks

ESPQuery: An Enhanced Secure Scheme for Privacy-Preserving Query Based on Untrusted Devices in the Internet of Things

LPM2DA: a lattice-based privacy-preserving multi-functional and multi-dimensional data aggregation scheme for smart grid

Finding the Better Distortion Function from Prior Scheme for Image Steganography

A Security Model and Fully Verified Implementation for the IETF QUIC Record Layer

Efficient privacy-preserving user authentication scheme with forward secrecy for industry 4.0

S2Dedup: SGX-enabled secure deduplication

Constructions for Quantum Indistinguishability Obfuscation

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A Novel Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning Scheme without Using Cryptography Component

SOTPM: Software One-Time Programmable Memory to Protect Shared Memory on ARM Trustzone

B-TSCA: Blockchain Assisted Trustworthiness Scalable Computation for V2I Authentication in VANETs

A Novel Quantum Dragonfly Multi-Key Exchange Protocol beyond Conventional Attacks

Doubly-Affine Extractors, and their Applications

Chosen-Ciphertext Secure Key Encapsulation Mechanism in the Standard Model

Strong leakage-resilient encryption: enhancing data confidentiality by hiding partial ciphertext

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Efficient Invisible and Unlinkable Sanitizable Signatures

A Privacy-Aware Dynamic Authentication Scheme for IoT Enabled Business Services

More efficient key establishment protocol for smart grid communications: Design and experimental evaluation on ARM-based hardware

Maximizing the security of digital chaos based OFDM-PON with a dynamical nonlinear transformation

Efficient CCA2 Secure Flexible and Publicly-Verifiable Fine-Grained Access Control in Fog Computing

JSpongeGen: A Pseudo Random Generator for Low Resource Devices

A blockchain-based clock synchronization Scheme in IoT

R-PEKS: RBAC Enabled PEKS for Secure Access of Cloud Data

iSecure: imperceptible and secure peer-to-peer communication of post-disaster situational data over opportunistic DTN

Publicly verifiable secure communication with user and data privacy

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Comparative Study of Chaos-Based Robust Digital Image Watermarking Techniques

Secure Data Aggregation Mechanism for Water Distribution System using Blockchain

Secrecy enhancement in MIMO-OFDM-IM systems with limited RF chains

LASER: Lightweight And SEcure Remote keyless entry protocol (Extended version)

Cochain-SC: An Intra- and Inter-Domain Ddos Mitigation Scheme Based on Blockchain Using SDN and Smart Contract

An Improvement of Tseng–Wu Group Key Exchange Protocol

A provably secure certificateless public key encryption with keyword search

On Optimal Information-Theoretically Secure Key Management*

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Role-Based Hierarchical Medical Data Encryption for Implantable Medical Devices

An anonymous entropy-based location privacy protection scheme in mobile social networks

Identity-Based Auditing for Shared Cloud Data With Efficient and Secure Sensitive Information Hiding

Certificate-less Public Key Encryption For Secure e-Healthcare Systems

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Secure Scheme 보안 체계

Secure Scheme 보안 체계
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