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Review and reappraisal of assessment parameters of second intention healing after Mohs micrographic surgery

High Numbers of CD163-Positive Macrophages in the Fibrotic Region of Exuberant Granulation Tissue in Horses

Second Intention sentence examples within second intention wound

Delayed-onset Pseudomonas infection manifesting as pain

Traumatic urethral rupture, its surgical management with temporary cystostomy and concurrent wound reconstruction in a cat.

A New Index of Globalization: Measuring Impacts of Integration on Economic Growth and Income Inequality

A proposed technique for one-step preputial reconstruction in the dog.

Repairs of the Ear

A Preliminary Study on Second‐Intention Healing of Full‐Thickness Wounds on Equine Distal Forelimbs Treated With Maltodextrin

Motivation: A Valuation Systems Perspective

Microsurgery and external fixation in orthoplastic reconstruction of tibial injuries.

A review of inherent assessment for sustainable process design

Macrolides or fluoroquinolones as enteral antibiotic therapy for non-ICU legionellosis

Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Pattern at the General Hospital, Douala, Cameroon

Fractional flow reserve in acute coronary syndromes and in stable ischemic heart disease: clinical implications.

Obtaining intraoral subepithelial connective tissue graft: Dermabrasion Technique- Case report

[Contribution of the scrotal flap for the coverage of ischial and perineal pressure ulcers].

[Giant stone complicating calyceal diverticulum].

Comparing the influence of two immunosuppressants (fingolimod, azathioprine) on wound healing in a rat model of primary and secondary intention wound closure

Thermographic evaluation of primary closure and second intention healing in dairy calves.

An Assessment of Efficiency of Zinc Priming in Rice (cv. MTU-7029) During Germination and Early Seedling Growth

Step-advanced rectangular flap

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Clinical study on treatment of mesh infection after inguinal hernia hernioplasty: A report of 24 cases

Comparative analysis of the effects of honey, copaiba oil-resin and a commercial product (fibrinolysin, deoxyribonuclease and chloramphenicol) on second intention healing, in rats.

Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and keratinocyte differentiation in equine experimental body and limb wounds healing by second intention.

Facial necrotising fasciitis following rhytidectomy.

Análise comparativa dos efeitos do mel, do óleo-serina de copaíba e de um produto comercial (fibrinolisina, desoxirribonuclease e cloranfenicol) na cicatrização por segunda intenção, em ratos.

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Second Intention 두 번째 의도

Second Intention 두 번째 의도
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