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Performing Science in Public: Science Communication and Scientific Identity

Science communication is not an end in itself: (dis)assembling the science festival

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Our Dementia Choir hits the right notes

Our Dementia Choir hits the right notes

Designing Mobile Applications to Minimize Disorientation in Informal Learning Environments

The Impact of Co-Curricular Activity Assessment on Male University Students’ Course Performance: A Case Study of The Natural Sciences Course

Under pressure: Nudging increases healthy food choice in a virtual reality supermarket, irrespective of system 1 reasoning

SCENE: A novel model for engaging underserved and under-represented audiences in informal science learning activities

Involvement of schoolchildren of Buryatia and the TransbaikalTerritory in scientific activities

Why scientists agree to participate in science festivals: evidence from South Africa

Gut Reaction: The Impact of a Film on Public Understanding of Gastrointestinal Conditions

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25th Anniversary of the Research Laboratory Dealing with the Problems of Higher Education of the Transbaikal State University

Housing Estate Game V.2.0 - Ideas for Design of Housing Estates’ Density Models - The Case Study of Urbanism Workshops Game Created for Science Promotion

Unaware of the amount consumed: Systematic error in estimating food- and drink intake

“Going to these events truly opens your eyes”. Perceptions of science and science careers following a family visit to a science festival


The effect of a science festival for special education students on communicating science

Informal Science Education in the Footsteps of Galileo’s Dialogue

Evaluation of the Pint of Science festival in Thailand

Learner Modeling and Learning Analytics in Computational Thinking Games for Education

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Science Festival 과학 축제

Science Festival 과학 축제
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