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Indiana Public High School Parents’ Perceptions of Interscholastic Competitive Balance

A Qualitative Study Exploring Teachers’ Attitudes towards Breastfeeding Education in Family and Consumer Science Classrooms

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Factors associated with concussion symptom knowledge and attitudes towards concussion care-seeking among parents of children aged 5-10 years.

Remote or Removed: Predicting Successful Engagement with Online Learning during COVID-19

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Translation and Validation of a Chinese Version of the Mindfulness in Parenting Questionnaire (MIPQ)

Two Case Studies of Middle School Parents and Their Engagement with Schools Who Participate in Positive Behavior Support

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Impact of changing school start times on parent sleep.

Parents’ Expectation of Mathematics Education and Their Engagement in Education and Homework Habits of Children

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Dificuldades E Estratégias Da Família No Cuidado Da Criança Portadora De Microcefalia

School Choice of Middle-Class Parents and Students in the Context of Neoliberal Policies

Family focused strategies for student engagement

Perancangan Hybrid Mobile Application Penghubung Orang tua dan Guru pada Sekolah Taman Kanak-Kanak


Are the Effects of Informational Interventions Driven by Salience?

Inside the learning assemblage: Japanese parents’ views of children’s learning and future possibilities

Enhancing safe routes to school programs through community-engaged citizen science: two pilot investigations in lower density areas of Santa Clara County, California, USA

The Exploration of the Sources of Parenting Beliefs in Taiwan

A influência da reprodução cultural sobre o hábito de sucção de chupeta

Turkish Background Families Live In Germany and Education: In Term of Families, Students, Teachers

Szülők jogai és kötelességei az iskolalátogatással kapcsolatban a 20. század elején

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School Parent 학교 학부모

School Parent 학교 학부모
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