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Characterizing Spatial Variability of Climate‐Relevant Hazards and Vulnerabilities in the New England Region of the United States

Scale dependency of conservation outcomes in a forest‐offsetting scheme

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New residential perennial floras reflect distinctive decisions of residential developers and new homeowners

Developing Rigorous Monitoring Programs: Power and Sample Size Evaluations of a Robust Method for Monitoring Bird Assemblages

Habitat-specific invertebrate responses to hydrological variability, anthropogenic flow alterations and hydraulic conditions

Polar and Cartesian Structure in the Data of Fitts’s (1954) Classic Experiments—with a Criterion for Distinguishing a Strong and a Weak Version of Fitts’ Law

A novel telecoupling framework to assess social relations across spatial scales for ecosystem services research.

Saltmarsh conservation through inventory, biogeographic analysis and predictions of change: Case of Tasmania, south‐eastern Australia

Golden Age of Medicine 2.0: Lifestyle Medicine and Planetary Health Prioritized

The influence of particle morphology on microbially induced CaCO3 clogging in granular media

Study on the small-scale effect on wave propagation characteristics of fluid-filled carbon nanotubes based on nonlocal fluid theory

The structure of spray-dried detergent powders

Spatial and seasonal variability of clouds over the southwest Indian Ocean based on the DARDAR mask product

Fine-scale stand structure mediates drought-induced tree mortality in pinyon-juniper woodlands.

Effects of Antimodularity and Multiscale Influence in Random Boolean Networks

Requirements Engineering Challenges in the First 1000 Days of a Venture Capital-Backed US Startup

An assessment of the mesoscale to microscale influences on wind turbine energy performance at a peri-urban coastal location from the Irish wind atlas and onsite LiDAR measurements

Analysis of the long and short-term effects of temperature and humidity on the structural properties of adobe buildings using continuous monitoring

Assessment of inner–outer interactions in the urban boundary layer using a predictive model

Cerulean Warbler (Setophaga cerulea) response to operational silviculture in the central Appalachian region

Dutch fog: On the observed spatio‐temporal variability of fog in the Netherlands

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Scale Influence 규모 영향

Scale Influence 규모 영향
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