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Scale Functions sentence examples within Linguistic Scale Functions

Multiple attribute group decision-making based on interval-valued q-rung orthopair uncertain linguistic power Muirhead mean operators and linguistic scale functions

A novel picture fuzzy linguistic Muirhead Mean aggregation operators and their application to multiple attribute decision making

Scale Functions sentence examples within Daubechy Scale Functions

Approximate solution of Abel integral equation in Daubechies wavelet basis

Stability and numerical dispersion analysis of symplectic multi-resolution time-domain method

Scale Functions sentence examples within Z Scale Functions

The W,Z/ν,δ Paradigm for the First Passage of Strong Markov Processes without Positive Jumps

First passage problems for upwards skip-free random walks via the scale functions paradigm

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Scale Functions sentence examples within Large Scale Functions

Optimal foraging algorithm with direction prediction

Poor and rich optimization algorithm: A new human-based and multi populations algorithm

Scale Functions sentence examples within Rating Scale Functions

Internal Validation of the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale:Rasch Analysis in the Indonesian Context

Discussion & analysis: Spatial reasoning assessment

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Psychometric Evaluation of the Nasal Obstruction Symptom Evaluation Scale for Pediatric Patients

Measuring Grit in Adolescents With and Without Disabilities

Efficient interpolating wavelet collocation scheme for quantum mechanical models in $$\mathbb {R}$$

Asymmetric scale functions for t-digests

Pore-scale modelling and sensitivity analyses of hydrogen-brine multiphase flow in geological porous media

Prospects for multi-omics in the microbial ecology of water engineering.

Rapid expansion of human impact on natural land in South America since 1985

Enhanced Technique for Metascreens Using the Generalized Finite Element Method

Machine learning on properties of multiscale multisource hydroxyapatite nanoparticles datasets with different morphologies and sizes

Korovkin type results for the uniform convergence at a point

Nanoantibiotics: Functions and Properties at the Nanoscale to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Numerical schemes with convergence for generalized fractional integro-differential equations

Dimension by dimension dynamic sine cosine algorithm for global optimization problems

Optimally Stopping at a Given Distance from the Ultimate Supremum of a Spectrally Negative Lévy Process

Wetlandscape size thresholds for ecosystem service delivery: Evidence from the Norrström drainage basin, Sweden.

On a spectrally negative Lévy risk process with periodic dividends and capital injections

Solving Large-Scale Function Optimization Problem by Using a New Metaheuristic Algorithm Based on Quantum Dolphin Swarm Algorithm

Critical Robertson-Walker universes

On p-generalized elliptical random processes

A three-scale asymptotic analysis for ageing linear viscoelastic problems of composites with multiple configurations

Developable surface pencil pairs with special pairs as common asymptotes

Bootstrapping Nonparametric Prediction Intervals for Conditional Value-at-Risk with Heteroscedasticity

Finite difference scheme for a fractional telegraph equation with generalized fractional derivative terms

Linking microbial communities to ecosystem functions: what we can learn from genotype-phenotype mapping in organisms

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Physical-Chemical Characteristics of the Atmosphere

Estimation of the tail-index in a conditional location-scale family of heavy-tailed distributions

Potential Densities for Taxed Spectrally Negative Lévy Risk Processes

Quantile Estimation in a Generalized Asymmetric Distributional Setting

Spectrally negative Lévy risk model under Erlangized barrier strategy

Exit problems for general draw-down times of spectrally negative Lévy processes

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Scale Functions 스케일 기능

Scale Functions 스케일 기능
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