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The emergence of explainability of intelligent systems: Delivering explainable and personalized recommendations for energy efficiency

Seemingly Unrelated Interventions: Environmental Management Systems in the Workplace and Energy Saving Practices at Home

Saving Behavior sentence examples within Influence Saving Behavior

Personal Saving Behavior among Muslim Employees

Assessment of savings and Asset allocation behaviour on low income individuals in Rural Kenya: Case of Oyani Sub Location, Kenya.

Saving Behavior sentence examples within Retirement Saving Behavior

The Impacts of a Large-Scale Financial Education Intervention on Retirement Saving Behaviors and Portfolio Allocation: Evidence from Pension Fund Data

Education savings plans, matching contributions, and household financial allocations: Evidence from a Canadian reform

Saving Behavior sentence examples within Electricity Saving Behavior

Is household electricity saving a virtuous circle? A case study of the first-tier cities in China

Effect and mechanism of monetary incentives and moral suasion on residential peak-hour electricity usage

Saving Behavior sentence examples within Water Saving Behavior

Achieving Water Efficiency in the Public Sector Through Social Norms

What factors affect the water saving behaviors of farmers in the Loess Hilly Region of China?

Saving Behavior sentence examples within Household Saving Behavior

The Impact of a Universal Health Coverage Scheme on Precautionary Savings: Evidence from Thailand

Wealth Inequality in the US: the Role of Heterogeneous Returns

Saving Behavior sentence examples within saving behavior among

Does Self-Control Moderate the Relationship between Social Influence and Savings Behavior among Small Business Owners?

Personal Saving Behavior among Muslim Employees

Research on Chinese Rural Resident’ Energy-saving Behavior of Habit Adjustment --Based on Behavioral Reasoning Theory

Income and Wealth Distribution in Macroeconomics: A Continuous-Time Approach

Dutch shared savings program targeted at primary care: Reduced expenditures in its first year.

Energy-saving behavior of households in a digital and nature-like economy as an object of research

The psychological implications of COVID-19 on employee job insecurity and its consequences: The mitigating role of organization adaptive practices.

What Explains the Decline in r*? Rising Income Inequality Versus Demographic Shifts

Psychological determinants of retirement financial planning behavior

Why does subjective financial literacy hinder retirement saving? The mediating roles of risk tolerance and risk perception

Influencing Paths of the Behavior-Driven Household Energy-Saving Exploring the influencing paths of the behavior-driven household energy-saving intervention—Household Energy-Saving Option

Exploring the psychological mechanism underlying the relationship between organizational interventions and employees’ energy-saving behaviors

Which factors determine students’ water-saving behaviors? Evidence from China colleges

The Impact of Individual Behavior on Household Energy Saving

Energy saving at work: Understanding the roles of normative values and perceived benefits and costs in single-person and shared offices in the United States

Principles and Skills of Product Design to Promote Green Behavior

The impact of mobile banking services on saving behavior in West Africa

Saving Tendency of Developed and Developing European Countries

Resistance to Change and Perceived Risk as Determinants of Water-Saving Intention

Polyp bailout and reattachment of the abundant Caribbean octocoral Eunicea flexuosa


Recursive Preferences and the Value of Life: A Clarification

Health-saving behavior of extreme specialists as a factor in preventing the development of professional burnout

Social Influence and Saving Behavior among Micro and Small Enterprise Owners in Kampala, Uganda: A Moderated Mediation Model of Financial Literacy and Self-Control


Knowing when to splurge: Precautionary saving and Chinese-Canadians

The Benefit of Assisted and Unassisted Eco-Driving for Electrified Powertrains

The impacts of special environmental events on short-run electricity-saving behaviors

Reexamine the relationship between new environmental paradigm and low-carbon consumption behavior

Real data-driven occupant-behavior optimization for reduced energy consumption and improved comfort

Consumers Buying Behaviour and Challenges Faced by Consumers During COVID-19 Pandemic Regarding FMCG Products ( During Indian Lockdown)

Features of the financial behavior of student youth

Product Knowledge Analysis of Mobile Banking on the Use of Mobile Banking and Saving Behavior

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Анализ влияния особенностей радиационных аварий на кризисную риск-коммуникацию

Are you an energy saver at home? The personality insights of household energy conservation behaviors based on theory of planned behavior

Outcome expectancies moderate the association between worry about climate change and personal energy-saving behaviors

More Saving Behavior 저장 행동 sentence examples

Energy-Saving Behavior: the Different Roles of Altruism and of Environmentalism

A Note on the Influence of Saving Behaviors on Economic Growth

Involving Firearm Stakeholders in Community-Based Suicide Prevention Efforts

Water sustainable house: Water auditing of 3 case studies in Perth, Western Australia

Preliminary evaluation of the energy-saving behavior of a novel household refrigerator

Optimal Water Allocation Based on Water Rights Transaction Models with Administered and Market-Based Systems: A Case Study of Shiyang River Basin, China

Fintech and Financial Literacy in the Lao PDR

Determinants of Energy Saving: Evidence from a Vocational School in Greece

More Saving Behavior 저장 행동 sentence examples

Motivation for health and a healthy lifestyle among employees of the aluminum and coal industry

Determinates of Youth Saving Habit in Kembeta Timbaro Zone: Case of Doyogena Woredad

Predictive energy-saving optimization based on nonlinear model predictive control for cooperative connected vehicles platoon with V2V communication

More Saving Behavior 저장 행동 sentence examples

Consumption dynamics during recession and recovery: A learning journey

Understanding energy-saving behaviors in the American workplace: A unified theory of motivation, opportunity, and ability

Energy Literacy Assessment: A Comparative Study of Lower Secondary School Students in Thailand and Japan

The Nollywood Nudge: An Entertaining Approach to Saving

Impact of psychological factors on energy-saving behavior: Moderating role of government subsidy policy

The effect of interactive feedback on attitude and behavior change in setting air conditioners in the workplace

How agriculture contributes to reviving the endangered ecosystem of Lake Urmia? The case of agricultural systems in northwestern Iran.

Compared to Dematerialized Money, Cash Increases Impatience in Intertemporal Choice

Characteristics of the Digital Content about Energy-Saving in Different Countries around the World

Persuasion Game: Cross Cultural Comparison

Reaching goals through different means: will and cognition in the action of people with low and high action control

More Saving Behavior 저장 행동 sentence examples


Learning to save in a voluntary pension system: toward an agent-based model

Life Expectancy, Annuity Markets and Economic Behaviors

Model Development of Savings Behavior for Bali State Polytechnic Students

Economic sentiment as a driver for household financial behavior

Experiences from Using Gamification and IoT-based Educational Tools in High Schools towards Energy Savings

Wealth, Savings, and Returns Over the Life Cycle: The Role of Education

Professional Financial Advice, Self-Control and Saving Behavior

Retirement Savings Model Tested With Brazilian Private Health Care Workers


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