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Smaller Satellites, Larger Constellations: Trends and Design Issues for Earth Observation Systems

Precise orbit determination for BDS-3 satellites using satellite-ground and inter-satellite link observations

Using distributed compressed sensing to derive continuous hyperspectral imaging from a wireless sensor network

Concurrent co-location maneuver planning for geostationary satellites

Emergency command path for Space Traffic Management

Extreme value statistics of wind speed and wave height of the Marmara Sea based on combined radar altimeter data

Refining satellite imagery by using UAV imagery for vineyard environment: A CNN Based approach

Análise Comparativa de Imagens Sentinel-2A (MSI) e Landsat-8 (OLI) Aplicadas ao Mapeamento Geológico, Região de Itataia, Santa Quitéria, CE

TanSat: a new star in global carbon monitoring from China

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Satellites Equipped 위성 장착

Satellites Equipped 위성 장착
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