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Ultra-high-performance liquid chromatograph with triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer quantitation of twelve phenolic components in different parts of sarcandra glabra

Comprehensive chemical study on different organs of cultivated and wild Sarcandra glabra using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UHPLC-TOF-MS).

Monoterpene-flavonoid conjugates from Sarcandra glabra and their autophagy modulating activities.

First report of Corynespora cassicola causing black spot on Sarcandra glabra in China.

Combination Effect of Three Main Constituents From Sarcandra glabra Inhibits Oxidative Stress in the Mice Following Acute Lung Injury: A Role of MAPK-NF-κB Pathway

Improving sesquiterpenoids production of Sarcandra glabra callus culture

Sesquiterpenoids from the leaves of Sarcandra glabra

Shizukaol A exerts anti-inflammatory effect by regulating HMGB1/Nrf2/HO-1 pathway.

First Report of Athelia rolfsii Causing Southern Blight on Sarcandra glabra in China.

Transcriptome Characterization and Identification of Molecular Markers (SNP, SSR, and Indels) in the Medicinal Plant Sarcandra glabra spp.

The Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Sarcandra glabra (Thunb.) Nakai, a Chinese Herb With Potential for Development: Review

Consequences of LED Lights on Root Morphological Traits and Compounds Accumulation in Sarcandra glabra Seedlings

A purified acidic polysaccharide from Sarcandra glabra as vaccine adjuvant to enhance anti-tumor effect of cancer vaccine.

Anti-inflammatory lindenane sesquiterpeniods and dimers from Sarcandra glabra and its upregulating AKT/Nrf2/HO-1 signaling mechanism

Multiple fingerprint profiles and chemometrics analysis of polysaccharides from Sarcandra glabra.

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Sarcandra Glabra 사칸드라 글라브라

Sarcandra Glabra 사칸드라 글라브라
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