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Hyponatremic events occurring in Hypertensive Patients while taking Thiazide Diuretic

Design and rationale of a randomized–controlled trial of home-delivered meals for the management of symptomatic ascites: the SALTYFOOD trial

Ödeme – Kardinalsymptom des nephrotischen Syndroms

Qualitative Study of Barriers to Adherence to Antihypertensive Medication among Rural Women in India

Do dietary factors significantly influence tinnitus?


“Pleurex Desalination” in Malignancy-related Ascites

Appropriate terminology

Should a Prison Salt Trial Be Federally Funded?

Fluid overload as a therapeutic target for the preservative management of chronic kidney disease.

A systematic review of Randomized Controlled Trials about some non-pharmacological interventions for treatment of hypertension: Physical exercise, sodium restriction, weight and alcohol use reduction

Acute tension hydrothorax in chronic liver disease secondary to spontaneous diaphragmatic rupture

Knowledge, attitude and practice of hypertension among hypertensive patients in a tertiary care teaching hospital

A case of bilateral leg edema associated with levofloxacin

Salt-deficient diet exacerbates cystogenesis in ARPKD via epithelial sodium channel (ENaC)

AIRP onlus partecipa al 1° Summit Europeo dedicato ai pazienti affetti da ADPKD

Vascular Cardio-Oncology: Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor inhibitors and hypertension.

Pattern of adherence to antihypertensive medication among hypertensive patients

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Salt Restriction 염분 제한

Salt Restriction 염분 제한
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