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Salt Precipitation sentence examples within Calcium Salt Precipitation

Chloride removal from municipal solid waste incineration fly ash using lactic acid fermentation broth.

Mechanisms Underlying Calcium Nephrolithiasis.

Salt Precipitation sentence examples within Cause Salt Precipitation

Experimental investigation of the geochemical and mineralogical interaction between CO2 and carbonate: Evaluation of CO2 sequestration in dolomite-calcite formations

Predictive Modelling of CO2 Injectivity Impairment due to Salt Precipitation and Fines Migration During Sequestration

Salt Precipitation sentence examples within Ammonium Salt Precipitation

New process consisting of oxidative stripping of vanadium from loaded D2EHPA organic solution with H2O2 and direct precipitation with sulfuric acid

Thermophilic PHB depolymerase of Stenotrophomonas sp., an isolate from the plastic contaminated site is best purified on Octyl-Sepharose CL-4B

Salt Precipitation sentence examples within Double Salt Precipitation

Environmentally sound technology development for processing of rare earth elements from waste permanent magnets synthetic leach solutions: recovery and separation perspectives

Separation of Lanthanum(III) by Selective Precipitation from Sulfuric Acid Solution Containing Iron(III)

Salt Precipitation sentence examples within Iron Salt Precipitation

Research on Plugging Mechanism and Optimisation of Plug Removal Measure of Polymer Flooding Response Well in Bohai Oilfield

Comprehensive recovery of valuable metals from copper smelting open-circuit dust with a clean and economical hydrometallurgical process

Salt Precipitation sentence examples within Avoiding Salt Precipitation

Salt-rejecting rGO-coated melamine foams for high-efficiency solar desalination

Porous TiNO solar-driven interfacial evaporator for high-efficiency seawater desalination

Salt Precipitation sentence examples within salt precipitation method

Isolation, Purification and Mass Production of Protease from Bacillus Subtilis

Potential Effects of EGFR Exon 21 L858R Mutations in Lung Cancer

Salt Precipitation sentence examples within salt precipitation rate

Depositional environments and salt-thickness variations in Urmia Lake (NW Iran): Insight from sediment-core studies

Long-Term Performance and Deicing Effect of Sustained-Release Snow Melting Asphalt Mixture

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Development and research of plasma chemical technology for producing mixed uranium and plutonium oxides from solutions

Influence of Mineral Additives on the Efflorescence of Ettringite-Rich Systems

Application of tandem fast protein liquid chromatography to purify intact native monomeric/aggregated Tamm-Horsfall protein from human urine and systematic comparisons with diatomaceous earth adsorption and salt precipitation: yield, purity and time-consumption.

Compaction effects on evaporation and salt precipitation in drying porous media

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Mapping the spatiotemporal variability of salinity in the hypersaline Lake Urmia using Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 imagery

Introducing a Thermo-Alkali-Stable, Metallic Ion-Tolerant Laccase Purified From White Rot Fungus Trametes hirsuta

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Drivers of spatio-temporal salinity distribution in a hypersaline lake

Self‐Cleaning Integrative Aerogel for Stable Solar‐Assisted Desalination

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Determination on pore size distribution by a probabilistic porous network subjected to salt precipitation and dissolution

Combined Impact of Salt Precipitation and Fines Migration on CO2 Injectivity Impairment

Impacts of an Internal Finer-Textured Layer on Soil Evaporation and Salt Distribution

Investigation of Water Evaporation and Salt Precipitation at CO2 Geological Storage Condition

Wheat Germ Agglutinin—From Toxicity to Biomedical Applications

More Salt Precipitation 염수 sentence examples

Evaporation-induced salt crystallization and feedback on hydrological functions in porous media with different grain morphologies

Development of Pea Protein Films with Haskap (Lonicera caerulea) Leaf Extracts from Aqueous Two-phase Systems

Development of a refolding and capture protocol for HRP IBs produced in E. coli

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Data report: moisture and density analysis and ultrasonic velocity, Hole U1513E, IODP Expedition 369

Evaluation of Inactivation Kinetics and Thermodynamic Properties of Peroxidase from Cucumis sativus for Biotechnological and Industrial Applications

Online sample pretreatment for analysis of decomposition products in lithium ion battery by liquid chromatography hyphenated with ion trap-time of flight-mass spectrometry or inductively coupled plasma-sector field-mass spectrometry.

Salt Precipitation During Injection of CO2 into Saline Aquifers: Lab-on-Chip Experiments on Glass and Geomaterial Microfluidic Specimens


Interpretation, Characterization and Importance of the Internal Salt Cycles for Seismic Processes - a Santos Basin Example

Review of Supercritical Hydrothermal Combustion

Protein purification from Arachis hypogaea in one step: stability studies and anticarcinogenic analysis

Pore-Scale Experimental Investigation of the Supercritical CO2 Injection Rate and the Surface Wettability on Salt Precipitation.

Impact of Slope Inclination on Salt Accumulation Due to Bare Soil Evaporation

Isolation and purification of anticoagulant enzymes from plant latex

Efficient delipidation of a recombinant lung surfactant lipopeptide analogue by liquid-gel chromatography

Salt clogging during supercritical CO2 injection into a downscaled borehole model

Processing of Pulp and Paper Industry Wastes by Supercritical Water Gasification

High-temperature stable plasmonic and cavity resonances in metal nanoparticle-decorated silicon nanopillars for strong broadband absorption in photothermal applications.

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Precipitation profile and dryout concentration of sea-water pool-boiling in 5 × 5 bundle geometry

Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Salt Precipitation on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of a Tight Sandstone

On Solution of the Riemann Problem Describing Injection of a Heated Salt Solution into an Aquifer

Laboratory investigation of chemical mechanisms driving oil recovery from oil-wet carbonate rocks

Corrosion Mechanism of Inconel 600 in Oxidizing Supercritical Aqueous Systems Containing Multiple Salts

More Salt Precipitation 염수 sentence examples

Geochemistry Shapes Bacterial Communities and their Metabolic Potentials in Tertiary Coalbed

Biological oxidation of iron sulfides.

More Salt Precipitation 염수 sentence examples

Purification and Characterisation of Thermostable α-Amylases from Microbial Sources

Characterization of Subtilin L-Q11, a Novel Class I Bacteriocin Synthesized by Bacillus subtilis L-Q11 Isolated From Orchard Soil

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Chronology with a pinch of salt: Integrated stratigraphy of Messinian evaporites in the deep Eastern Mediterranean reveals long-lasting halite deposition during Atlantic connectivity

Construction of a genetically engineered strain of nattokinase and assessment of its fibrinolytic activity

Experimental Investigation of the Mechanisms of Salt Precipitation during CO2 Injection in Sandstone

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Salt Precipitation 염수
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