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Salt Mixtures sentence examples within heat transfer fluid

Enabling chloride salts for thermal energy storage: implications of salt purity

Molten chloride salts for next generation CSP plants: Selection of promising chloride salts & study on corrosion of alloys in molten chloride salts

Salt Mixtures sentence examples within Molten Salt Mixtures

Ab initio molecular dynamics assessment of thermodynamic and transport properties in (K,Li)Cl and (K, Na)Cl molten salt mixtures

Advances in molten salt storage systems using other liquid sensible storage media for heat storage

Salt Mixtures sentence examples within Nitrate Salt Mixtures

Corrosion of stainless steel 316 in a ternary nitrate salt and its composite with expanded graphite for solar thermal applications

Molten salts in the light of corrosion mitigation strategies and embedded with nanoparticles to enhance the thermophysical properties for CSP plants

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Salt Mixtures sentence examples within Eutectic Salt Mixtures

Additional data and experimental setups, for a comparative study of alloys in contact to eutectic melts for thermal storage

Molten Salt Templated Synthesis of Covalent Isocyanurate Frameworks with Tunable Morphology and High CO2 Uptake Capacity.

Salt Mixtures sentence examples within Binary Salt Mixtures

Calculation of the Liquidus in Eutectic Salt Mixtures LiF–NaF, LiF–KF, NaF–KF, NaF–CsF, and KF–CsF Using a Thermodynamic Perturbation Theory

Understanding the separation of anion mixtures by TiO2 membranes: Numerical investigation and effect of alkaline treatment on physicochemical properties

Salt Mixtures sentence examples within Different Salt Mixtures

Impacts of sodium chloride reduction in tomato soup system using potassium chloride and amino acids


Salt Mixtures sentence examples within Complex Salt Mixtures

Caustic recovery from green liquor of agro-based paper mills using electrolysis

Gamma radiation-induced defects in KCl, MgCl2, and ZnCl2 salts at room temperature.

Salt Mixtures sentence examples within salt mixtures containing

Electronic absorption spectra of rare earth (Sm, Eu, Yb) dichlorides in alkali chloride melts

Square wave voltammetry for real time analysis of minor metal ion concentrations in molten salt reactor fuel

Viscoelastic Relaxation of Polymerized Ionic Liquid and Lithium Salt Mixtures: Effect of Salt Concentration

Erythritol-based polyester loose nanofiltration membrane with fast water transport for efficient dye/salt separation

Direct Measurements of the Deliquescence Relative Humidity in Salt Mixtures Including the Contribution from Metastable Phases

Custom-tailoring loose nanocomposite membrane incorporated bipiperidine/graphene quantum dots for high-efficient dye/salt fractionation in hairwork dyeing effluent

An integrated perspective on salinization of freshwater ecosystems

NaCl-related weathering of stone: the importance of kinetics and salt mixtures in environmental risk assessment

Modifying Li+ and Anion Diffusivities in Polyacetal Electrolytes: A Pulsed-Field-Gradient NMR Study of Ion Self-Diffusion

Fabrication of thin-film composite nanofiltration membranes with improved performance using β-cyclodextrin as monomer for efficient separation of dye/salt mixtures

Graphene-like MOF nanosheets stabilize graphene oxide membranes enabling selective molecular sieving

Analysis of salts for use as support structure in metal material jetting

Salt-Induced Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation: Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Water-Acetonitrile-Salt Mixtures.

Microscopic origins of conductivity in molten salts unraveled by computer simulations

Experimental Investigation on a Novel Composite Salt Gradient Solar Pond With an East–West Side Reflector

Polycarbonate-Based Lithium Salt-Containing Electrolytes: New Insights into Thermal Stability

Structural and dynamical aspects of PEG/LiClO4 in solvent mixtures via NMR spectroscopy

Application of Physicochemical Analysis to Developing and Studying Deicing Agents

The Role of Charge Transfer in the Formation of Type I Deep Eutectic Solvent-Analogous Ionic Liquid Mixtures

Nanothin film conductivity measurements reveal interfacial influence on ion transport in polymer electrolytes

A carboxyl potassium salt polysulfone (PSF-COOK)-embedded mixed matrix membrane with high permeability and anti-fouling properties for the effective separation of dyes and salts

Measurement and modeling of lactose solubility in aqueous electrolyte solutions

Selective adsorption of nitrate over chloride in microporous carbons.

High-Temperature Mechanical Properties of NaCl–Na 2 CO 3 Salt-Mixture Removable Cores for Aluminum Die-Casting

Membrane potential of single asymmetric nanopores: Divalent cations and salt mixtures

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About glass transition in polymer-salt mixtures

Identification of a Salt Blend: Application of the Electronic Tongue, Consumer Evaluation, and Mixture Design Methodology.

More Salt Mixtures 소금 혼합물 sentence examples

Thermophysical, environmental, and compatibility properties of nitrate and nitrite containing molten salts for medium temperature CSP applications: A critical review

An investigation of oxidation/hot corrosion-creep interaction at 800 °C in a Ni-base superalloy coated with salt mixture deposits of Na2SO4-NaCl-NaVO3

Structure and Thermodynamics of Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Diblock Copolymers with Salt

Pretreatment of Rice Straw by Inorganic Salts and 1-Ethyl-3-methylimdazolium Acetate for Biofuel Production

Interactions on site between powdering porous limestone, natural salt mixtures and applied ammonium oxalate

Molecular simulation of the structure and physical properties of alkali nitrate salts for thermal energy storage

Assessing changes in groundwater chemistry in landscapes with more than 100 years of oil and gas development.

Review on the recent progress of thermochemical materials and processes for solar thermal energy storage and industrial waste heat recovery

Composition Dependence of the Flory–Huggins Interaction Parameters of Block Copolymer Electrolytes and the Isotaksis Point

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Salt Mixtures 소금 혼합물

Salt Mixtures 소금 혼합물
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