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High Salt Intake in Helicobacter Pylori Infected Individuals Can Significantly Increase the Risk of Gastric Cancer; a Global Analysis

The potential impact of salt reduction in ready meals and influence on front-of-pack traffic light labelling

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Assessment of salt intake to consider salt as a fortification vehicle for thiamine in Cambodia

Comparing Three Approaches to Salt Intake Assessment Among Lactating Women in Rural Cambodia

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High salt is a risk factor for cardiovascular and kidney diseases. What is next, fibrosis?

How salty is your sambo? – a pilot study to assess the feasibility of collecting out-of-home sources of salt in Ireland

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Food and beverages undermining elderly health: three food-based dietary guidelines to avoid or delay chronic diseases of lifestyle among the elderly in South Africa

Chronic exposure to low doses of bisphenol A alters hydromineral responses in rats

Modifiable factors of twenty-year blood pressure trajectories among normotensives and their associations with hypertension: A prospective study.

[The consequences of the lockdown on cardiovascular diseases].

Les conséquences du confinement sur les maladies cardiovasculaires

Relationship between salt intake and sleep disordered breathing in dialysis patients

Effects of dietary intake and nutritional status on cerebral oxygenation in patients with chronic kidney disease not undergoing dialysis: A cross-sectional study

Contribution of iodized salt to total iodine and total salt intake in Germany

Quantifying the impact of the Public Health Responsibility Deal on salt intake, cardiovascular disease and gastric cancer burdens: interrupted time series and microsimulation study

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Salt Intakes 염분 섭취

Salt Intakes 염분 섭취
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